Climbing Higher

Today I was doing some image streaming to get insight and clarity.

The first place I went was a plateau with a little pond in the middle. There was a short set of steps leading up to another plateau with a fountain and another set of steps, etc.

I got the strong impression that this meant that learning and personal growth don’t have to be an arduous climb. It’s OK to just move up a little bit at a time and take breaks.

I moved up higher into the clouds and was walking up a stairway through the clouds when my vision became obscured and I couldn’t see where I was going. But, I was able to keep climbing without seeing. I just found the next step and then the next and soon I was able to see the stairs again.

I got the feeling that this meant it’s OK if I can’t always see where I’m going. Even if it feels like I’m lost, I can still find the next step.

I went even higher after that until I was able to look down on the earth. I just kept drifting upward with no effort. This just reinforced that slow and steady growth is easy and that things really only become hard when we push ourselves too hard.

In the past I’ve viewed personal growth as an uphill climb.  I often pictured myself climbing up a mountain, struggling for every inch.  I’m realizing just how much of my difficulty was self created and that it came from being too demanding of myself.  I see now that slow and steady is the way to go.  So often in the past I’ve had the habit of doing too much, too fast and then finding my motivation slipping away.

Of course it slips away!  We naturally avoid things that are painful and unpleasant.

The best way to keep motivation high is to break big things down into small manageable chunks and then take a break.

There’s no need to do everything all at once and make myself miserable.


Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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