Perfection’s Grasp


Does perfection have you in its grasp?

Does it poison your life, like a striking asp?

Does it sink its fangs into your mind;

Thinking, somehow, it’s being kind?


You’re human, my friend, are you not?

We all make mistakes, sometimes a lot.

But, we can learn from these.  Yes, indeed.

Accept your mistakes and you are freed.


Why beat yourself up; ‘til you feel low

Because of some thing you didn’t yet know?

Why cling to perfection, when it’s a lie.

When you make a mistake, you will not die.


It’s OK to be human.  OK to fail.

There’s no need for us to weep and wail.

We can pick ourselves up when we fall down.

And choose to smile instead of frown.


You can accept this truth, if you so choose.

There’s nothing, but pain, for you to lose.

The choice is yours, freedom or pain,

But, to me, one of those choices seems insane.


Wouldn’t you rather accept than curse?

And choose to remember, it could be worse.

You can simply learn from errors made

And let the pain from memory fade.


Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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