Eyes of Love


Look at your life with eyes of love and it becomes a song.

Look at yourself with eyes of love, and see that you are strong.

The old ways of thinking fade away as love’s light shines within.

Just choose to see yourself with love, so healing can begin.


You, my friends, are human.  And there’s no shame in that.

You’ll struggle to move forward, if can’t accept where you are at.

Learning is a process and growing comes in time.

When you accept this simple truth, life seems more sublime.


All emotion comes and goes.  They all will fade away.

Just accept them as they are and find your peace today.

The more you fight, the more you hurt; the more pain stays with you.

But, peace always returns in time.  You know that it is true.


You don’t need to struggle to find your peace.  Accept it and it’s yours.

When you allow the peace to come, you’ll find it opens doors.

Embrace the process that is life and know that you can grow.

When you simply go step by step, it passes faster than you know.


You can embrace your humanity and let yourself just be who you are.

You can allow yourself to heal, to grow.  And know that you’ll go far.

You just can’t get there all at once.  And there’s no need for that.

And it’s easier to go forward once you accept where you are at.


Your wounds will simply heal with time.  Negativity will pass.

No need to fight, exhaust yourself, and keep running out of gas.

Allow old things to fade in time.  You know they always will.

Just watch them pass with eyes love as you are peaceful and still.


Patience is easy.  Fighting’s hard.  And doesn’t help at all.

When you fight against where you are.  You’ll find you trip and fall.

Love and acceptance set you free.  They give your spirit wings.

And when you live your life with love, you’ll find amazing things.


Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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