With, not To

There’s a very common mistake people make about hypnosis, that’s just not true.  People tend to think of hypnosis as a form of mind control; when it’s far more accurate to think of it as a highly focused form of persuasion.

Hypnosis isn’t something that you do to people, it’s something that you do with them.

While it’s easy to say, “I’m going to hypnotize you, now.” that’s kind of inaccurate.  It’s more accurate, though kind of clunky for normal conversation, to say “I’m going to guide you into the hypnotic state, now.  If you’ll follow my directions and allow me to.”

I like to think of my role as a hypnotist as more like a personal trainer than anything else.  I guide people’s experiences; but, they create them.  I know that if you go looking for it, you can always find a place that feels more relaxed than the rest of your body.  It has to be there.  It can’t not be there.  So, knowing that, I talk about it in order to get you to focus on that place and find it.

I persuade, with a little bit of boldness and a lot of friendliness, people to allow themselves to be hypnotized.  I know that it feels kind of amazing to go into trance.  I know that when people are in trance it’s easier to connect with parts of their minds that they may have neglected and to look at problems in new ways which allow people to find solutions.

I often say that hypnosis is all about seduction.  Not sexual seduction, of course; but seduction in the same way a nice nap after a stressful morning is seductive.  It’s enticing.  It’s inviting.  It’s hard to resist.  My job as a hypnotist is to make going in to trance and solving peoples’ issues so seductive that they don’t resist it.  They can resist if they want; but, since I’m making their own goals seem more seductive, why would they?

And, just like any other form of persuasion or seduction, it’s far easier to persuade people who want to be persuaded.  It’s possible to hypnotize someone who doesn’t really want to be hypnotized; but, it’s a lot harder and not really worth the effort.

As a hypnotist, I fan the flames within people.  If someone comes to me saying they lack motivation, I know that it’s just not true.  The simple fact that they came to see me means that they have some motivation.  It’s there.  It’s real.  It just needs attention to grow stronger.

No one lacks confidence completely.  Everyone has felt confidence at some point; but, when?  Why?  What did you do that brought up that feeling of confidence?  Let’s put our attention there and turn a little confidence into a lot.

When you choose to allow me to guide you into hypnosis, what you are really choosing is to let yourself be seduced by the Truth.  The Truth is that you have strength, your heart is beating now, is it not?  That takes at least a degree of strength.  You can lift your arm, right?  That takes strength.

Weakness is an illusion.  There are only greater and lesser degrees of strength.  This is the same as temperature, what we call cold is simply less heat.  It is not the opposite of heat, no matter how it seems.

Embrace this Truth.  Remind yourself of it often.  Allow me to remind you often so that I can help you to break free of the illusion that you are weak.  Weakness is just a word, it’s not reality.  Strength is reality.  See the Truth.  Accept that you are strong, now.  You have always been strong.  The strength has always been there.  It’s always been the Truth.  But, you can notice it now.  You can exercise the strength you have; and when you do, it will grow.

See?  Isn’t the Truth seductive?  Can you feel yourself being seduced by these powerful ideas?  But, no matter how well I write, no matter how well I make my points; it’s still up to you.  You choose whether you accept the ideas that I’m putting out there.  You choose whether you let yourself be seduced by these Truths or whether you hold onto the idea that you’re weak.

Choose wisely.


Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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