Who am I?


I am many things; but, what defines?

What is the core?

I see so many answers

And can always find more.


I am everything and nothing.

I am creative flow.

I am the process of life.

I learn and grow.


I am transformation, movement, process.

I am now and then no more.

I am born again each moment,

Different than I was before.


I am death and rebirth

I am growing, flowing, knowing

I am creator of my life.

I am power.  I am the seeds I’m sewing.


I am learning and forgetting and learning again.

I am mind and I am body.

I am chemicals, I am flesh.

I am the energies flowing though me.


I am streams of knowledge which converge

I am something more and less than those.

I am the master of my fate.

I am the flower that grows.


I am black and white, gold and silver,

I am all the colors of the rainbow.

I am everything and I am nothing.

I am creative flow.



Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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