Were I a Tree


What could I learn, were I a tree

About life, patience and harmony?

What insights would come my way

If I were a tree for just a day?


The world would pass, as I was still;

Never wishing anyone ill.

The storms would come and they would pass

Nourishing me and the grass.


The tempests may rise up in a rage

Playing out on life’s great stage

And though leaves rustle as they blow

I just let them come and let them go.


I’m nourished by the sun’s bright light.

I feel it’s warmth and all is right.

I’m fed, I’m safe, I keep growing.

As seasons pass without slowing.


Each summer gives me time to grow;

Before I sleep through winters snow.

In spring, I grow leaves everywhere;

Before the fall leaves branches bare


My branches reach into the sky.

Providing roost for things that fly.

I am a home for birds and bugs,

Hardly bothered by the slugs.


In soil rich, my roots go deep

Finding treasures the earth does keep.

There’s always more for me find

In places that leave others blind.


Life unfolds, it passes by

No need for me to wonder why.

Yes, I think I’d like to be

As calm and peaceful as a tree.


Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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