Roll the Die


A die I hold with twenty sides,

What number will I roll?

Though it may not come up as I want

There’s one thing I can control.


A twenty’s what I want to roll,

But, what will come up now?

I know how to get what I want

And I will teach you how.


The first roll comes up as a nine

But, one roll is not enough.

The “secret” is quite obvious,

Rolling twenty’s isn’t tough.


I roll ’til I get the result I want,

There’s no need for me to fret.

I know that failure has no cost,

That to me it is no threat.


If I must roll the die fifty times,

Or even fifty one.

I know that I can reach my goal

If I don’t stop until it’s done.


It doesn’t mean I’ve lost a thing,

Or that I won’t succeed.

If I want to reach my goal,

It’s persistence that I need.


You create your own luck here,

It’s all in how you see.

You can roll as much as you want

And you will come to roll twenty.


Failure is oft a part of life;

But it doesn’t mean a thing.

Just know success is on its way

And ignore the failure’s sting.


When you see things in this way,

Life opens up to you.

You can go get what you want.

You know what you must do.


Success becomes a given thing,

It will always come in time.

And when you live by this Truth,

Your life can be sublime.


You can fret and worry if you choose.

You can give up, you can quit.

But, if you roll the die again

I know you’ll benefit.


You can transcend failures’ sting,

Until it doesn’t hurt at all.

You can simply go and try again

When you slip and fall.


Each time you try and don’t back down,

The sting fades more and more.

If you want to find success

You must walk through failure’s door.


Don’t let your failures lie to you,

Don’t believe their lies.

Know that success always comes

To the one that always tries.


Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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