In my opinion, one of the most fascinating areas of study today is epigenetics – the study of how environmental factors affect gene expression.









While the evidence that deep physical relaxation creates epigenetic changes is very clear, I wonder what new things we will find out about our ability to create epigenetic changes with imagery in hypnosis and meditation.

It’s very easy to bring up specific feelings in the body while in trance states. And, no feeling can exist without creating biological changes; such as, differing levels of hormones and neurotransmitters.  From what I’ve read (though I’m not a scientist!) it seems that these shifts cannot happen without epigenetic changes.  If that’s true, then cultivating new habits of thought and behavior inherently means altering the way our genes are expressed.

I wonder (and would love to find a scientist to work with to prove it!) if things like visualizing yourself exercising create the same epigentic shifts as physically exercising.  It seems likely to me.  (Note: Me thinking it seems likely is not scientific proof!)

To me, the science of epigenetics implies far greater control of our bodies than most people believe is possible.  I wonder just how deep this goes.  How much power do we have over our own genetic programming?  How much of a difference can emotional release therapy make, not just in terms of happiness, but in terms of life long health?

Thank you for reading!

-Adam Coles-

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