Enter into Flow



It’s time now for you to feel

Something beautiful and surreal.

It’s time for you to go create

To let yourself feel really great.


You can find that creative space

Where worry vanishes without a trace

Just existence, calm and peace

As your burdens you release


The ease and calm which are filling you

Make it easy to create, to do

The more you notice, the more they grow

The more you enter into flow.


Connecting to those feelings now

I know that you remember how.

Just focus on that place of peace

It’s not hard to just release


It’s no effort to let things go

And find that place where things just flow.

No need to try, it’s quite easy

To find that space where you are free.


Set down your burdens for a while

Feel the calm and maybe smile

Surrender now to that inner flow

And feel the peace of letting go.


Let those feelings grow stronger still

Let your body and mind fill

With the purple and the blue

As you find calm within you


You can let yourself feel happy

Embrace the flow and feeling free

It’s here, it’s now, it’s yours to feel.

The space within is very real.


Determination can arise

Maybe fast enough to surprise

What’s it like to let things go

And simply enter into flow?


What’s the look that’s on your face

When you’re existing in that place

The blue and purple that you may feel

Just grow brighter and feel surreal.


Just feel the purple and the blue

As that calm is filling you

Entering that wondrous void

Forgetting that which once annoyed.


You can feel it starting, can you not?

You’ve been here before, quite a lot

The light of creativity

Shines brighter now and sets you free.


Remembering, allowing, calmness to arise

Focus, determination in your eyes;

Soon you’ll go and just create

Something new, something great.


Surrender now, just feel the peace

Embrace the calm, the sweet release.

Something pure within guides your hand

You don’t need to understand.


There’s something pure, almost divine

Maybe shivers up your spine

As those feelings grow stronger still

Your body and your mind they fill.


What inspiration comes your way?

What new thing will you draw today?

What inspiration from within

Will guide your hand when you begin?



Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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