Finding Calm


The old negativity melts away.

I feel a growing sense of peace each day.

The many things which bothered me

No longer bring up hostility.


I’m more able now to let things go.

I just move on.  I live in flow.

I love, forgive, embrace respect.

I love my life, though it’s not perfect.


For so long I have longed to feel

Peace like this, to know it’s real.

And as old anger grows less and less

I feel the spark of happiness.


So much easier to release than hold.

The weight I’ve carried was getting old.

Though there’s still more work I need to do,

I know that I will make it through.


Not afraid now, I’m in control.

As I find harmony within my soul.

It’s peace and love and joy I feel,

As day by day, I learn, grow and heal.


Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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