Calm like Water



You can be like water, now, if you choose

There’s nothing that you’ll really lose

If you want, you can just let things flow

You can feel the peace of letting go.


You can let the past just melt away

And simply focus on today.

You can be present in the here and now

You can feel true peace if you allow.


In the present, you can find your bliss.

You can live your life in happiness.

Forgetting fear and worry for a while

And just allowing yourself a smile.


In the present, you can know you’re safe

As you let go of that which used to chafe.

You can find that calm grows within.

You can feel it now and enter in.


So often, many of us forget

How easy it is to simply let

But there is peace when you make this choice.

You can find reason to rejoice


There’s no one who can take your peace from you

It’s your mind, your peace, you know its true

You can find it, if you’ll only see

That peace you feel can set you free.


As you find that peace within your soul

It can heal you, make you whole

It can bring you deep relief

It can soothe away your grief.


You can find that mighty calm

That power, that soothing, healing balm.

It’s there, if you choose to look

Calm feelings flowing like a brook.


Calm is yours.  Can you feel it now?

Growing more as you just allow

How deep is the calm that you see?

How does it grow and set you free?


What color is the calm you feel?

Is it blue, violet or teal?

Where do you feel it strongest now?

Does it flow across your brow?


Do you feel that heaviness

The tingling, the emptiness

As old emotions melt away

And calm renews you more each day.


How deep is the calm that you feel?

What lets know that it is real?

And how easy for you to find the way

To find the calm within today?


This ease is yours, to simply claim.

Calm that burns like violet flame.

Calm which renews your energy

Is healing you.  It sets you free.


It’s freedom you can find at any time

It’s beauty, flowing and sublime.

The peace, the love, serenity.

This moment, this eternity.


Perhaps it feels that you’re sinking

Into a place, beyond thinking.

And you can just let all thoughts melt away.

As you find the peace within today.


And how much deeper can you go?

Is there a limit? I don’t know.

How much more calm can you feel

As you continue to grow and heal.


The peace you want, not hard find.

So easy to let go and unwind

So simple, now, to just let go

To find your calm, your place of flow.