Inner Journey


Listen now and we will journey

To a place of serenity

A place of healing.  A place of peace.

A place where you can let go and release.


This place exists within your mind.

I will not be hard to find.

Imagination guided by this poem

Can lead you to your inner home.


And as you listen your mind creates

You open up your inner gates.

You may be able to see or feel

As imagination becomes real.


To create it, simply pretend its there

You create it now, and become aware.

In just whatever way is right for you,

Pretend it’s real, it becomes true.


Tmagine now, a wave of peace

Which makes your muscles just release

What does this wave feel like for you?

As every cell it’s flowing through.



Is it a river or a stream

Which flows through you and lets you dream

Do you feel the colored light?

Which soothes you and makes you feel alright.


Is the light purple or blue?

Or some other color just for you?

Can you feel it flowing yet?

As your worries, you forget.


That light, that’s flowing and fills your soul

Is healing you.  It makes you whole.

It can lift you to a higher place

And bring a smile to your face.


Can you the lightness yet?

If not, there’s no need to fret.

The lightness simply comes with time,

Just let yourself feel sublime.


As you release anxiety,

It’s washed away and you feel free.

And lightness grows bit by bit

As you simply notice it.


This lightness gives you wings to fly

Effortlessly into the sky.

And your looking down on the earth from space.

Enjoying being in this place.


What’s it like to be there now?

Above the earth, strange somehow?

What’s it like to feel this freedom?

And feel it in your body hum.


There’s a guide, wise and loving

Perhaps you can feel them coming.

What do they have to say to you?

What do they reveal?  What do they do?


Can you feel their peace, their love.

As you meet your guide above.

What wisdom do they have for you?

What new things can you learn are true?


What lessons are you learning here?

What truths are there that ease your fear.

You can talk long as you need

Ftom times illusion you are freed.


And when the lessons come to you

You’ll come back when your journeys through

You’ll return to your body, to the room

With peace and love instead of gloom.


Your eyes will open when you integrate

Lessons learned and you feel great

But, there’s no need to return before you’re done.

Feel free to relax and just have fun.

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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