What Wonders?


What wonders will I see today?

What great things will I do?

What will I accomplish?

What dreams, for me, come true?


What beauty will I appreciate?

And who will I make smile?

How much joy will I feel inside?

Will I relax for a while?


What new things will I experience

That fill my heart with joy?

What fun and grand adventures

Will I share with my little boy?


How many new friends will I meet this day?

Will any last for years?

Who will I be able to comfort

And soothe away their fears?


What opportunities to learn and grow

Will I find and seize this day?

What lessons that enrich my life

Will I find come my way?

What artwork will I create this day?

What poetry will I write?

What words of love will flow through me

To bring people delight?


What richness will I find in life

As I seize the day with zeal?

What wonders will I see today?

What great joy will I feel?


I see the possibilities

For joy which lies ahead

I know I’ll have a great day today

And then in joy, return to my bed.

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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