Self Pity


Beware, my friend, dark self pity

Which keeps you stuck in misery

Which blinds the mind so it can’t see

Strength, hope and possibility.


It seems, sometimes, that we are weak

That life just has a vicious streak.

It seems our lives are dark and bleak

And there’s no hope for us to seek.


Do not believe self-pities lies

You are stronger than you realize

And though it may come as a surprise

Success will come to the one who tries.


You have overcome dark days before

And whatever challenges lie in store

You can simply get up off the floor

And find that you can handle more.


Your heart is stronger than you know.

You have the power to learn and grow.

And, in time, the future will show

That you are stronger than your woe.


Failure is quite meaningless

Embrace this blessed emptiness

And you can find great happiness

While others are lost in the darkness.


Learn and grow and don’t stay down

You can smile instead of frown

Just choose to don the victors crown

And not let sorrow weigh you down.


You have great adaptability.

You have many gifts you may not see.

And you can face your challenges joyfully

And find a way to be happy.


To find success one must first fail;

But, that’s no reason to weep and wail.

If you persevere, you will prevail.

And, someday, be able to share the tale.


Don’t let self-pity get in your way.

Look for your gifts without delay

Triumph awaits, seize it today.

In this game of life that we all play.


Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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