The Gift of Receptivity


It’s a gift to help those in need,

Which could not be without their lack

Some feel deep shame in their weakness

And that shame can hold them back.


I don’t believe it’s as dark as that

To me, there is a blessing there

I love to help, to bless, to heal

I love to show I care.


Without ignorance, who could I teach?

There’s no need for all the shame.

And when you let go of judging self

Life will never be the same.


The lack we face, a gift we give

To those who help us out.

It’s all a dance of give and take.

That’s what life is all about.


And while it’s good to handle things

And do things on our own.

When we find we need help in life

There’s no need for us to groan.


See that you bless the one who’s help

You allow yourself to receive.

There is happiness that’s there for them

More than most believe.


You are human, my friend, are you not?

And you can’t do everything.

And that’s alright, we all need help,

Some time and for something.


Strong as I am, I can’t do it all

I need love. I need support.

I have weaknesses as well as gifts

There are places that I fall short.


Does that mean that there’s something wrong with me?

With who I am today?

Sure, there are places that I need help?

And I think that that’s OK.


No one can be strong all the time

No one can do everything.

That doesn’t mean that you’re not great.

Your life is still a blessing.


Truly, you bless the ones who give,

When you allow them to help you.

It’s a gift that you can give to them,

When they share what they can do.


We bless each other all the time,

More than we often see.

Let yourself believe this simple truth.

And from shame you will be free.

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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