Embrace Boldness


The world is full of rich bounty

And you can create your destiny

You can simply go out and do

Without holding back and thinking through.


Embrace boldness in your life my friend

You can persevere until the end

You can go and seize the day

You can often just reach out and get your way.


There’s no need for timidity.

When you choose boldness you are set free

Don’t let your fears make you think you are less

Go out and create your own happiness.


While fear does indeed have its place

It can keep you from running in life’s race

Let go of fear and dart ahead.

Choose life, love, adventure instead.


You can find the courage in your heart

You can embrace love and simply start

To act, to do, to move forward

And, often, life will bring you great reward.


Don’t let yourself be trapped by your fear

You have options, choices and you can steer

Your life in just the way you choose

You can go forward now, win or lose.


While in life there are no guarantees.

There are countless wondrous opportunities.

Sometimes you’ll fail, others succeed.

Just go and do; and you are freed.


There’s no need to fear failure’s sting

Just go today and do something.

Something new to you, something great.

You can find new things to appreciate.


Wonder’s there in life for you to seize.

Life is full of opportunities.

And you find more blessings when you do,

Than when you just sit and think things through.


The choice is yours, as in all things.

But, I think you’ll find that your heart sings

When you go out and do the things you love

And make come true things you’ve dreamed of.

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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