Calm Confidence


You can remember, now, can you not

A challenge that you have overcome.

A thing which seemed so hard to you

Which seemed so worrisome.


But, those doubts you felt lied to you

You were able to get things done

And you didn’t quite know that you could

Until that battle was already won.


It’s alright to feel a bit of doubt

It doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Just remember that doubt tends to lie

And find the courage that you seek.


You are stronger now than you can see

You have gifts that you forget.

And I imagine that you’ll succeed again,

I’d be quite willing to make that bet.


You can see this Truth now, can you not?

That doubts may lie to you?

You can remember this truth as you live your life

You can find out how to make it through.


You can let yourself feel determination now

A calm kind of confidence

You can know that believing in yourself

Is a thing that just makes sense.


You can do your work today.

You can make progress.  You can succeed.

You have faced challenges before.

You have the strength you need.


Let your feelings of confidence grow stronger now

Let the mind become peaceful and still.

Let relaxation come into those parts of you

That confidence continues to fill.


That feeling can keep growing now

As you remember that you can succeed.

And if you look, you can find your strength.

You can find that you’ve been freed.


The more you allow yourself to feel this now,

The stronger that it grows.

And I wonder how that calm confidence

Becomes brighter as it glows.


This feeling of calm confidence

Has always been a part of you

And as you allow it to keep growing now

I wonder just what you’ll do?


How will you use this precious gift?

The confidence growing inside.

What challenges will you face with boldness

Instead of trying to hide?


Does it feel yet, as if, you’re glowing

With an inner light you feel

As this feeling of blessed confidence

Allows your mind to heal.


Can you see it in your minds eye, now

The way your body is starting to glow?

A feeling that you can do most anything?

That you are stronger than you know?


What color is that feeling for you?

Is it cherry red or gold?

Is the light that’s filling your body

Beautiful to behold?


And have noticed yet, my friend,

That it is growing stronger still?

And that as that feeling grows stronger

It brings focus to your will.


And, I wonder, how much better you feel now

Than you did when we began.

As you’ve got that growing sense within

The sure knowledge that you can.


Could it be that that sweet feeling

Will keep growing with every day?

As you’re learning now to bring it up

And not let it fade away.


And perhaps it will keep growing

As you engage the task ahead.

And you do your work with confidence,

Instead of that old dread.


What’s it like for you to feel this now,

This sense of confidence inside.

What’s it like to feel calm focus

And feel the strength you had denied?


Just feel yourself more empowered now

To do, to face, to overcome.

As you live your life with boldness now,

As that glowing does thrum.


Could it be that it grows by the day,

That you’re starting to transform?

How long until this confidence

For you, becomes the norm?


You can feel this feeling every day,

This confidence is yours.

And as you accept this gift you have

It will surely open doors.


And won’t it be amazing to see

The bright future that you create

As you live your life with confidence

Feeling calm, focused, just feeling great.


What bright, beautiful possibilities

Are yours now to go claim?

As this confidence transforms your life

And you release the old shame.

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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