Falling Leaves


Do we mourn when we see the leaves begin to change

In the autumn time?

Do we hang our heads in sorrow

Or do we see something sublime?


We don’t fear winters’ illusion,

We know that things aren’t as they appear.

We face the falling leaves with peace of mind

Without shedding a single tear.


We know that there’s no need for grief.

No need for us to pout.

There’s no need for one bit of anxiety

For us to yell or shout.


We allow the leaves to simply fall

Because we know that spring will come;

And that though those leaves pass away

We trust the source that they come from.


Just because the leaves die off and all fall away

The tree is still alive.

With branches bare through winters’ snows

We know it will survive.


And when springtime comes yet again

We can let ourselves rejoice and smile.

We can see the life returning then

And appreciate life renewed for a while.


Every year we see this pattern.

Seasons come and seasons go.

Year by year the tree grows larger,

As we simply watch it grow.


We simply trust in natures’ cycle

And know there’s no need for doubt.

We know the leaves always return in springtime

There’s no need to help them out.

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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