Deeper Wisdom


Listen now, just hear my words

Appreciate the rhythm and the way they flow

My words can guide you to a state of calm

A place where peace and relaxation can grow.


You can simply allow these words to soothe

Almost like listening to a lullaby

It’s not hard to let yourself relax

You don’t have to work or to try.


Relaxation can come now, almost on its own

Your body knows how to do this.

My words can guide you into the depths

Of relaxation, of calm, of bliss.


Words have a gentle power to guide attention

To  give thoughts and feelings shape

And the words you’re hearing now can guide you

Into a blissful kind of escape.


And you can imagine now, if you’d like,

That these words are almost magical.

Imagine that they are somehow so powerful

That each word makes you feel more peaceful.


There’s no need for you to try here,

No need to struggle or strain.

Your body knows how to relax

And to find relief from pain.


And perhaps, you can already notice

That relaxation in your body grows

Do you feel that relaxation now?

Maybe a tingling in your toes?


And I wonder if perhaps you’ve heard

This simple truth before.

The things that you are focused on

You tend to find much more.


The more you notice your calm feelings now

The more those feelings spread.

So, where do you feel that relaxation?

Is it in your toes or in your head?


You can simply let your attention rest

On a place that’s feeing good.

And as you do this you may find

You become more relaxed than you thought you could.


Do you maybe feel a heaviness,

As your tensions you release.

Are your thoughts coming more slowly

As you find a sense of peace?


And how more comfortable can you start to feel

With every gentle word I say.

Can you feel the way my words just soothe

All that old tension away.


And how much does that relaxation spread

As you’re listening to my voice.

Would you like to go even deeper now?

If you were given a choice.


Have noticed your breathing shifting yet

As your sinking into calm

As my words gently calm your mind

Like a soothing, healing balm.


And do your eyes feel heavy now,

Do you find that they want to close?

Have you found yet that they want stay shut

As your relaxation grows.


And perhaps you can imagine

A peaceful river flowing.

A stream so calm and peaceful

That it leaves your relaxation growing.


And what if that relaxing feeling now,

Was like a river of flowing light.

A calm and gentle radiance

That fills your body and just feels right.


Can you feel these gentle feelings

Guiding you deeper into peace.

Can you allow all of your tension now

To dissolve, to release?


It feels so good, does it not

To just focus on gentle feeling

The calm, the peace, serenity

So relaxing and so healing.


And I wonder how long it will take

Before your mind drifts off to sleep.

Are your feeling sleepier now

As your relaxation’s growing deep.


And I wonder, in this relaxation,

Can you move your body still?

Or have you become so peaceful now

That it would take too much of your will.


Perhaps you’re finding now

The way relaxation can spread.

Is it flowing through your body now

From your toes up to your head?


You can find the place that’s in between

Normal waking life and sleep.

You can let yourself feel even more calm

Let yourself journey deep.


Can you remember in this moment

A time you felt more relaxed than this?

Is it possible to go deeper now

Into relaxation into bliss?


Can you become ten times more relaxed

With every gentle word I say?

Are you ready to fall asleep yet

As consciousness fades away.


Notice just how much more relaxed you become

As you are listening to me now?

Do you feel yet the inner calm

That seems to grow somehow?


Have you noticed how every word I say

Guides you even deeper into peace.

Is your mind drifting, or silent yet

As you embrace this sweet release.


And did you know that when you fall asleep

With your mind calm and at peace

You rest that much more deeply

When your worries, you release.


Your body can heal much better,

When you embrace this tranquility.

And in this peaceful moment

You can feel serenity.


When you wake, you’ll feel much better

Perhaps better than you’ve felt in years.

Because you’ve found peace and calm

And just let go of all your fears.


When you let go of all you tension now

Your body has the chance to heal

And you’ll soon notice improvement

In your attitude and how you feel.


It’s easy to go deeper now

To just immerse yourself in bliss

Perhaps you feel amazing

As you’re experiencing this.


The deeper you go the better it feels

And the better you feel the deeper you go

How deeply will you relax this day,

I wonder if you truly know.


And as you’re really learning now

To just let everything go,

I wonder how over time you’ll find

That good feelings in your life grow.


The peace you’re finding is always there

You can return here any time.

You can sink into deep relaxation

And just let yourself feel sublime.


What things that used to bother you

Will simply fade away

As you’re learning to keep this sense of peace

Within you each and every day?


How much healthier are you becoming now

As you’re becoming free from stress?

How will you find your heart opening

To love and to happiness?


You know that the more you practice,

The better at things that you get.

So how much more relaxed you will be

As you’re learning to simply let.


You can live your live your life with calm now

You’re learning new ways to feel.

You’re allowing old thoughts to pass away.

Allowing yourself to heal.


And how more relaxed will you be

A year from today?

How much of stress and tension

Will simply fade away?


You can embrace this learning process

You can let body and mind just heal.

You can find even deeper comfort.

You can find good ways to feel.


And as you’re relaxed and feeling good

What insights now arise?

What things can come now to your mind

That may come as a surprise?


When you’re feeling calm and peaceful

When you’re relaxed and feeling good.

New insights often come our way

New things are understood.


There is part of you, gentle and wise

You have a heart that’s full of love.

And wisdom can simply come to you now

Some new thing you’ve never thought of.


It’s when you are giving your mind the space

That learning and growth come to us.

And that process of transcendence

Can come now without much fuss.


The human mind is powerful,

More than most can see.

And there’s something wonderful coming now

That can help you be more happy.


Your mind can make connections now

That can bring you greater peace.

You can let go of old attitudes,

With new insight you release.


Perhaps you see some simple truth

That lets your inner light shine

Perhaps you can now realize

That things right now are fine.


Have you started yet, to get the sense

Of something wonderful happening now?

Have you noticed the feeling as your subconscious works

To bring insight which improves your life somehow?


And I don’t just what connections

Your mind is making now;

But, if you look you may notice there is a sense

Of something important to you somehow.


What’s it like to trust that feeling?

To know that there’s something wise within?

What’s it like for you to let that happen now,

So deeper healing can begin?


What important thing comes to you now

So that your life can improve a bit.

What does your subconscious have to say to you

As you’re listening now to it.


Is there something that you’re seeing now

A symbol that you can find

Which has the power to unlock insight

And can help expand your mind.


And perhaps you have got a sense

Of what you need to do

To utilize that symbol now

And see what it means to you


And as you’re being guided now

By something wise within

What healing insights come your way

What thoughts in your mind spin.


Are you feeling that connection yet?

What new thing are you learning now,

That improves your life in some deep way

That lifts you up somehow.


What thoughts and feelings come your way

How do you learn and grow.

What benefit comes to you now

What does your subconscious know?


What wisdom is now revealed to you?

As you relax and let yourself see.

What thing is coming up within

That can leave you feeling free.


Take a moment now to appreciate

Your inner wisdom, your light.

As insights can come which lift you up

As you find something that just feels right.


Just let yourself feel what you’re feeling now

As your inner self guides you today

As that gentle, loving voice within

Helps you along your way.


As you let those feelings wash over you

And integrate those new insights

You can know that there’s always more to learn

You can journey to new heights.


And as you’re gaining greater clarity,

Perhaps than you’ve ever had before

You can know you’re going higher now

And you can always find something more.


What will tomorrows journey reveal to you?

What new insights will just arise.

How will you see your life differently

What new things will you recognize?


And as you’re listening to these words tomorrow

And the insights just seem to flow,

How deeply will you love your life

And your power to learn and grow?


What darkness, that used to cloud your thoughts

Will vanish, as fresh insights come?

What things will become easy for you

And, no longer so bothersome?


And I wonder when you’ll feel amazed

At the power these words have to transform?

When will you marvel at the changes made

As learning, growth and healing become the norm?


And can you maybe get just a hint

Of how much you are able to grow

How will your life be different in a year?

What new things will you know?


When will you find your life improved

Beyond what you thought it could be?

What ways will you discover

To feel fulfilled and happy?


How will your heart be open wider then

To joy, to love and peace?

What old emotion melts away?

What pain will you release?


How do you find yourself transforming?

How is your inner light revealed?

What, that doesn’t serve you have you let go?

How have you been healed?


And how much do you know you will find

As the days and months go by?

What in a year will you recognize

Without really having to try?


As you’re highest self you’re becoming

What’s that knowledge like for you?

As you know that you are growing now,

What dreams will you make come true?


What will be like to simply see

The great person you’ve become?

As you’re living your life in calm and peace

What joyous tunes will you hum?


What’s it like to know your life’s improving,

Getting better with each and every day?

As you’re listening now to your inner wisdom

And hearing what it has to say?


And as you’re living your life today

With a greater sense of peace.

What tensions are gone forever?

What you have learned to release?


And with that happy thought in mind

It’s time for todays journey to end

Time to come back to the world now

Time to awaken my friend.


You can take a deep breath now

And feel yourself becoming more and more awake.

You can allow yourself to feel more alert

You’ve had your relaxing break.


You can wake up now, feeling wonderful

Feeling refreshed, just feeling good.

You can bring with you your insights

Those new things you’ve understood.


You can open your eyes when you’re feeling ready

And a stretch may just feel great.

As you return to waking consciousness

With some insight to appreciate.


Your body becomes more alert now

Your mind can focus again.

You’re going to feel refreshed,

Awake, alert, though I don’t know precisely when.


And though our journey together

Is done now for the day.

Perhaps you’ll find even more insight

More depth, more clarity, more understandings come your way

Thank you for reading!
-Adam Coles-
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