Vision Quest


Sooner or later, we all feel the need

To just relax a bit, to unwind.

To let go of troubling thoughts

And find some peace of mind.


And when you feel that relaxation

And let go of all your stress.

You can find that you are able

To feel more happiness.


And while relaxation always comes in time

I don’t when it will come for you.

Do you feel it growing already

As I gently speak with you?


Does it seem, perhaps, to you now

That my words are bringing this.

That you’re being guided deeper

Into calm, into peace and bliss.


Have noticed these feelings growing, yet?

Or are they coming more slowly?

Are you aware of your breathing, now

Shifting, quite peacefully.


How much more relaxed do you feel now

Than you did a moment ago?

What’s it like for you to notice

As these relaxing feelings grow?


Does it feel very good now

To just let this relaxation spread.

Do you feel more relaxed in your fingers,

In your toes, or in your head?


Where are you feeling the most calm now?

What part of you leads the way

As you’re journeying even deeper now

Into calm and peace today.


It’s a good thing, that you’re feeling this

Because it means you can go deep

As the relaxation that you’re feeling now

Guides you into the hypnotic sleep.


How much have these feelings,

The bliss and calm you feel,

Overtaken the mind and body

With their sensuous appeal.


And as that relaxation grows stronger

Perhaps than it’s ever grown before;

I wonder what wonders you will find

What does your unconscious have in store?


And how much are you finding now

That these good feelings grow

How good does it feel now to bask

In that blissful inner glow?


In a moment, I’ll be counting down

From five right down to one

And your trance can grow deeper now

As all remaining tension comes undone.


With every number you may notice

The way that relaxation will grow.

Each number may leave you wondering

How much deeper can I go?


And I don’t how much deeper you’ll relax

With every number that I say.

Maybe you’ll become ten times more relaxed

Than you’ve ever been before today.


What do you think it will be like to go beyond

The deepest depths you’ve found before?

Can you imagine finding those new depths

As each number somehow relaxes you more.


How far beyond will you find you will go?

As your subconscious leads you deeper still.

What will that new depth you are finding feel like?

What needs can this trance fulfill?


Five, do you feel that downward pull yet

As you’re going even deeper now.

And you can fight it if you really want

Or you can simply just allow.


Four, isn’t it wonderful to feel

That growing peace of mind

And I wonder with the next number

How much more peace you will find.


Three, slipping down into the depths

Feeling relaxed and feeling free

Relaxation growing stronger

As you’re listening now to me.


Two, you’re almost there now,

Almost as deep as you can go

Do you think you’ll see the difference

As calm and peace continue to grow.


One, sinking even deeper still

To depths hard to comprehend

Are you enjoying the relaxing feeling,

As you sink deeper still, my friend?


Zero, is always deep asleep,

As you are relaxing even more

Every time I count down to zero

You can go deeper than you’ve gone before


Notice the deep hypnotic depth you’re at

And take a moment to appreciate

How when I count down to zero

You go this deep and just feel great.


At zero, you can relax into the hypnotic sleep

And let dreaminess arise

You can find that as you go deeper

Images flash before your eyes.


And when you’re drifting close to sleep now

Imagination can come alive.

You can find inner vision and insight

Your creative self can thrive.


When you’re as relaxed as you’re feeling now

And going deeper into the hypnotic state

It becomes even easier for you to dream

When you’re this relaxed and feeling great.


As you’re listening to me now,

Your unconscious can just respond.

And take you even deeper now,

It can take you far beyond.


And as your unconscious is guiding you now

To an even deeper, dreamy state

Are you feeling that sense of excitement

Like you can hardly wait?


What’s it like to go even deeper now?

Have you noticed how good it can feel?

As your moving more into that dreamy state

Where imagination seems more and more real.


You don’t need to see anything yet

To know you’re starting to dream

Those images can come in a moment now

Perhaps, more clearly than you have seen.


As soon as you see those images come

You can know you’re doing great;

But, you don’t need to see them right now

For now, you can just wait.


Just relax for a moment now,

There’s nothing you need to do.

Your subconscious mind is preparing

A wondrous dream for you


And you know that your unconscious mind

Creates all your dreams for you

So you can just relax and trust your deeper self

Your unconscious knows just what to do.


Have you ever had a vivid dream

That feels completely real to you?

Or maybe a dream that brings insight

And leads to some breakthrough?


What’s it like when you’re experiencing that

How does a vivid dream feel.

How amazing does it feel to experience this

When a dream just feels real.


Have you started yet to see those flashes

As you’re moving into a dreamy state?

What are you seeing as you go deeper?

What fresh insights, for you, await?


Every time you see something now

It can take you deeper into state.

Can you feel that anticipation, yet?

Like you can hardly wait?


Everything that you are seeing

Can reveal this truth to you.

You are able to go deeper now

There’s nothing you need to do.


How much more clear do those images become

As you’re listening to me now.

Have you noticed how every word I say

Makes them more real, more vivid somehow.


And I wonder, if you have yet realized

Just how deep you’re going today.

Do you yet have the sense you’re going deeper

And nothing can stand in your way?


As those flashes, those images which arise

And guide you even deeper now.

What’s it like to find new depths

Of hypnotic trance somehow?


When you find yourself now, going deeper

And you notice those images which arise

You may be able to find yourself now

In a waking dream before you realize.


Have you ever gone as deeply into trance

As you are going today?

Or is the deeper depth you’re finding

New to you in some way?


Are the images coming faster yet?

Have they started to just flow?

How does it feel to trust your inner self

And to simply watch and let go?


What are you seeing in this moment

That can guide you deeper still?

What pleasant feelings are there to notice

To find, if you only will?


When will find yourself immersed

Completely in a waking dream?

How vivid will that be for you?

Just how real will it seem?


Can you hear, yet, something, anything?

Or is it just the visions now?

Are you completely focused on your dream

Though you may not know quite how.


Is your inner vision growing clearer yet

Or is it just taking a little while?

Have seen something beautiful?

That makes you laugh or want to smile?


Did you know, when you started today?

That this would come so easily?

Did you know how deep you are going

And that images can flow freely?


Is it perhaps like a dam has burst

As the images you’re seeing just flow?

How much more clarity can you perceive

As you’re more able now to just let go.


What’s it like to go even deeper still

And to let dreams just arise?

Have you seen something amazing yet

That comes as a surprise?


Can you feel yourself yet pulled into

A vivid waking dream?

What will it be like when that happens now?

How real does your dream seem?


What’s it like to be drawn deeper

Pulled by your unconscious mind

Into that vivid dreaming state

And what is it that you find?


How vivid is your experience now?

How clearly can you now see?

How much easier is it to go deeper now

Than the last time you listened to me?


Have you hit that place where dreams feel real

As real as when your awake?

Or will it come in a moment;

Perhaps with the next deep breath you take?


What’s it like when you’re hallucinating

And visions come which seem so real

How does it feel to you as this is happening

How do your hallucinations feel?


And as they’re growing stronger and clearer,

And flowing now with ease

Are you now in a beautiful place,

Where you can feel a breeze?


Are you standing out in nature?

Can you hear the water flowing nearby?

Does that sound that you are hearing

Relax you like a lullaby?


Does the place that you are standing now

Have an interesting scent?

What can you see in this place of wonder

That can help you reorient?


Is there a path that leads even deeper now

A path there in the trees?

Where do you think that path will lead you?

As this experience unfolds with ease?


Have you used all of your senses yet

To explore this dreaming space?

What smells are you able to notice

When you’re deep in this dreamy place


What can you hear, see, touch and smell?

Is there something for you to taste here?

How is the experience wonderful for you

As those sensations become more clear?


Have you noticed the weight of your body?

And that you can feel the ground beneath your feet?

Do you see the berries in the forest?

Ripe and ready to eat?


How good do those berries taste to you?

How juicy, how very sweet?

Just enjoy how delicious they are,

Savor this wondrous treat.


What sounds are there around you now?

Do you hear animals in the trees?

Or is it just the gentle rustling of the leaves

As they blow in the gentle breeze?


Have you spotted any wildlife here?

Do you see a squirrel or a deer?

Are there any people approaching you?

Or are you alone right here?


As your experience unfolds you will soon find

A guide is approaching you.

Who can help you to find some answer

Some insight, something true.


What does your guide look to you now?

What do they have to say?

Where are they starting to lead you

How can they help you on your way?


Can you feel from them a sense of love

And of deep wisdom they can share?

What’s it like to follow your guide

As they lead you, now, somewhere?


And when you’ve come to the place you need to be

You’ll find something that you’re drawn to.

As you unlock some bit of wisdom now

That’s of great worth to you.


Just keep looking and you will see something,

That has great value to you.

Something can come, it’s coming now

There’s nothing you need to do.


How does that deeper wisdom within

Begin in you now to arise

What are you seeing and feeling now

That may come as a surprise?


What’s it like to know that clarity

Can grow now for you today?

How does it feel like to go deeper now,

To somehow just find the way?


Is there something coming to you now?

Some insight you need to see?

Some piece of wisdom that lifts you up

So you can be more happy?


Just what are you perceiving now

What sensations come to you?

How can what you’re feeling now help?

What problem are you working through?


And as you’re starting to understand

What does your guide have to say?

What insights do they have for you

That can help you on your way?


Do you have any questions burning now

Things that you would like to know?

Ask your guide, something now,

That can help you as you grow.


Just take a moment and listen

Relax and process what you hear.

Just feel these insights transforming you

As things for you become clear.


It feels quite good, does it not,

To just listen to your guide.

To trust in their wisdom,

Wisdom you’ve always had inside.


And when you get the sense

That you’ve learned what you need today

With a smile you can return to waking life

Changed in some deep way.


And who knows how much deeper

Your understanding now will grow

As you integrate these insights

And go beyond what you think you know.


How much better will your life be

With the things you’ve learned today?

Have you seen yet how things get better

As you’ve heard what your guide had to say.


Can you really know how much this lesson

Is improving life for you?

Or will that knowledge come in time

As insight changes what you do?


What things are there to discover?

How much more is there left to learn?

What will you find tomorrow

When to this place you return?


How much more vivid will that be for you

As you’re getting better at going within?

What wisdom will you integrate

What changes will begin?


What’s it like to know you’re changing

Finding the wisdom of your soul.

To know that you are growing now,

That you’re healing, becoming whole?


And did know, you can go deeper every day

Every time you listen to this.

You can find the answers that you need

You can experience this bliss.


You can return here anytime you want

It’s your mind, you’re in control.

You can journey into the depths

Of the healing part of your soul.


You can find new insights every day

And your life can just improve.

You may notice you have more energy

And how good it feels to move.


When will you notice that you’re happier now

Then you were feeling yesterday

Now that you know how to find answers

And get out of your own way.


How will this process of learning improve your life

What changes are on the way?

Will you notice how things get better

With each and every day?


Or, perhaps will not notice right away,

The ways you’ve changed today

In wondrous ways that enrich your life

Until you’re farther on your way?


When will that moment come for you

When you see with clarity.

The many ways that hypnosis is working to heal you now,

The ways it sets you free.


How much more freedom and peace will you know

As this process unfolds with time?

What ways is your life becoming more wonderful

More transcendent, more sublime.


What will the next year bring for you?

What insights, what joy will come your way

As you continue to learn and grow

Finding deeper love with every day.


How much more will you appreciate your life

The many gifts that you have now?

And how much will your mind expand

As you grow each day somehow?


When will you see how much you’ve been blessed

And how much improved your life has been?

Are you glad that you’ve listened now

So that deep healing begin?


Do you feel that sense within yet

As wisdom and love are growing now for you

That sense that you can find a way

To make your dreams come true.


Are you feeling, this loving feeling yet

As your future opens up to you.

As your unconscious makes these changes

And shows you what you need to do.


Every day brings greater clarity,

Pay attention and you will see.

Creativity is unlocked now

Your inner wisdom is now free.


You can find that changes come easy now

That it seems to happen on its own.

And you may be surprised in a month

At just how much you’ve grown.


And won’t that be a delightful moment for you,

When you look and start to see.

The way that you’ve been transformed

Into someone more happy.


When you notice that your happiness grows

More with each and every day

And you find that when there’s something you want

You always seem to find a way.


And happiness and joy can grow

Beyond what you believed they could.

As every day seems more wonderful

As you find so much that’s good.


And, in a bit, you’ll wake up soon

And you can feel refreshed and wide awake.

And you can know that you’ll feel better

With every within that you take.


You can go even deeper next time,

Things can be even more clear.

The joy you feel can grow stronger

As you let go of your old fear.


You can a sense of renewal

Every time you listen to this

You can journey even deeper

Into your own wisdom, into bliss.


And you can feel greater pleasure

And you feel just great for days.

You can find your life improving

In countless little ways.


Just watch and you will see then

As your old problems you release

And you find sense of happiness,

You find calm and inner peace.


You can feel even more amazing now

As your trance comes to an end.

It’s time to wake up feeling wonderful,

Feeling more alert my friend.


You can take a deep breath now and reconnect

With your body and conscious mind.

And as you’re feeling more alert

There’s more good feelings you can find.


Your eyes can open, with your next deep breath

You can focus, you can think.

And maybe find you feel more awake

Each and every time you blink.


How good will you feel when you wake up

When you stretch and feel more happy

How much more alert are you feeling now

As your journey’s done with me?