You’re Amazing

Before we resume our regularly scheduled mocking of egotistical thinking, I’d like to take a moment to tell you that you’re amazing.

That’s right, you’re amazing, and I can prove it.

This is not just a platitude to make you feel better.  It’s the truth.  You’re incredible.  You’re indescribably wonderful.

You may not believe me.  I understand.  You can think of times that you’ve failed.  You can think of people you’ve hurt.  You can think of mistakes you’ve made.  I understand.  Those memories can be compelling.  The picture they paint seems real.

But, it’s not a true picture.  I know it’s not a true picture.  And, I want you to know it too.

How do I know?  How can I prove that you’re amazing?  How can I possibly know you’re amazing when I don’t really know you?  How could you possibly be amazing when you’ve made mistakes?

You’re a human being right?  You’re still alive?  You haven’t gotten yourself killed?

You have a human body?

You have a human brain?

Do you have any idea just how amazing the human brain is?  Have you seen what people can do at the Olympics?  You’re just as human as anyone else, you know.  You do know that right?  You do know that you have a human body and a human brain?  Do you know what you are capable of with those?  Have you seen some of the amazing things that other people have done?

Seriously, the basic architecture of the brain is pretty much the same for all of us.  We’re all pretty darn amazing.  Being human is incredible.

Sure, other people have trained their brains and developed their bodies in different ways than you have.  A lot of them have a head start on you.  Many of the most amazingly skilled people have been doing what they’ve been doing and getting better and better since they were kids. There’s no denying it.  But, so what?

Just think about what you could do if you started training today.  Just pick one skill that you’d like to develop and imagine where you will be if you simply put in an hour a day to developing that skill.  Where will you be in ten years?  What will that hour a day turn into?  Who will you turn into?  How will a little bit of regular practice and dedication transform your life?  How will your life be better with the new skills you develop?

It’s a pretty incredible thought, isn’t it?

And, that incredible thought is more true than any insecurity you may have felt before.  Why?  Because, I said so, that’s why.  I said it; so, it must be true!

No.  It’s not true just because I said it.  I’m not saying things just because I want you to feel good about yourself.  I do want you to feel good about yourself; but, I’m not going to lie to you to get you there.

Insecurity sees the past.  It sees your failures and thinks that they mean something about you.  Insecurity doesn’t really see the Truth, it just sees what has been and imagines that it’s the same as what will be.  Insecurity thinks that it’s being honest; but, the Truth is a whole lot bigger than what insecurity can see.

There are infinite possibilities for your future.  There are countless possible future versions of you.  The past is meaningless.  The past is gone.  At this point, it’s just memories.  Those memories may give us valuable insights and help us make smart decisions; but, they don’t decide anything.  The unexpected happens all the time!  You’ve probably had something happen today that you didn’t expect, right?  How about yesterday?  How about the day before?

What?  You’ve never been surprised?  You always know what’s coming?  You’re always right about everything?

Acknowledge the simple reality that your expectations about the future are often going to be wrong.  Don’t be afraid of that Truth.  It’s nothing to be afraid of.  You’re going to be wrong sometimes.  Yay!  You can be wrong when you feel bad about yourself.  You can be wrong when you think less of yourself.  You can be wrong when you think you can’t do something.  Hurray!  Isn’t it awesome to know that you can be wrong?  Isn’t it wonderful to admit that your thinking can be mistaken?  Isn’t it liberating?  Doesn’t it feel good?

And, those good feelings are true.  Those good feelings are far more honest than the insecurities that sometimes haunt the mind.

You can surprise yourself.  You can do something amazing that you don’t believe you can do.  You can succeed when you wholeheartedly believe that you’re going to fail.  This is possible.  This is reality.

Your past is not your reality.  The current iteration of yourself is not your reality.  Your reality is your potential.  Your reality is your possibilities.  Your reality is infinite.  Your reality is mind-blowing.  Your reality is spectacular.

You are amazing.  You really, really are.  It’s really true.

And, you’re not just a little amazing either.  Infinite isn’t a little anything.  Your creative potential is infinite, though the way it manifests is not.  But, just think about it, really think about it. Contemplate reality.  Contemplate the potential that you have.  Contemplate the reality that the potential that you have, the potential that you are, is infinite.

Can you feel it now?  Can you feel the way it feels in your body as you contemplate your infinite potential?  Can you feel how good it feels to tune into your reality?  It does feel good, doesn’t it?  It feels good to acknowledge the Truth.  It feels good to recognize your power and your potential.  It feels good to see the Truth that You Are Amazing.

You can remember this feeling, right?  You can recognize when you’ve got it and when you’ve been distracted from it?  You can see now that when you’re feeling insecure, it just means that you’ve forgotten or been distracted from the Truth?  And, it’s easy to remember things, right?  When you’ve forgotten and you know what you’ve forgotten, you can remember and just give yourself a little pep talk.  To give yourself a pep talk is to reaffirm the Truth.  It’s to remind yourself of the Truth when you need a reminder.  There’s nothing wrong with needing a reminder sometimes.  It happens.  We forget things.  We get distracted.

But, that doesn’t really matter, does it?  So what if you’ve been distracted?  So what if you’ve forgotten for a bit?  Just give yourself the reminder you need to feel good and then go forward with that good feeling instead!  And, the more you do it, the easier it becomes to remember.  The more you direct your attention to the reality of your potential and your amazingness, the easier it becomes to remember and the more you’ll effortlessly come from that place of Truth.

You don’t really need me to tell you that you’re amazing.  You can tell yourself.  And, you can know that you’re just saying the Truth when you do.

It really is true.  You are amazing.  Isn’t that a great thing to know?


-Adam Coles-
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