Forgiving More

Uh oh.

Here comes another hypnotic article.

Are you afraid yet?  No?  You liked the last one?  You’re curious about what’s coming next?  You’re wondering about how I can help you to forgive and let go more easily?

Well, too bad.

You don’t need to forgive anything if you don’t want to.  You can hold on to your anger and resentments if you want to.  I’m sure you and your stress are doing just great together.  You don’t need peace.  You don’t need to accept anything.  Go away.  I can’t make you do anything.

But, if you did choose to forgive something, now, what would it be?  What is it that you would let go of?  What is it that’s been bothering you, nagging at the back of your mind?  What weight is there that you are better off letting go of, now?

Do you even know consciously what you’re releasing?  Or, is that knowledge remaining more subconscious?  Do you really need to know or can you just keep reading and let your subconscious do the work?  How does it feel to just let your subconscious handle that process of forgiveness?  What’s it like for you as this is happening now?

Is there some sensation that you can notice in your body?  What does it feel like for you now as your subconscious is processing this?  What’s it like as that deeper part of your mind is releasing some old hurt that you don’t need any more?  How good does that feel, now?  Does it feel very good or just a little bit?  Have you noticed how good it feels to let things go, now?  Or are you still wondering if it’s happening?  When will you be able to notice that process of forgiveness, now?  Will it take a few minutes before you notice that tension that you’ve carried letting go or are you noticing it already?  Are you already aware of how much better you’re feeling as your subconscious is processing and releasing old emotions?

What will it be like when you do notice that some hurt that you’ve been carrying is gone, now?  What will it feel like for you when you’re just feeling better because that weight of resentment has faded?  How will you be feeling when that awareness clicks in place that you’ve already been able to forgive so easily and so effortlessly?  What is it that you’re letting go of now?  Do you know?  Is it only one thing or are you releasing multiple old grudges, now?

How much are you forgiving now and how good does that feel for you?  What’s it like to let all your old baggage melt away as your subconscious brings you a deeper sense of peace?  What’s it like to just accept the past and leave it in the past without bringing it into the present?  How does it feel to be experiencing that deeper level of acceptance, now?  How much are you releasing and how good does it feel to just let go more fully, now?

How good are you feeling, now, as your baggage melts away?  Doesn’t it feel good to just enjoy this hypnotic process and let your subconscious clear away the old pain for you?  How much relief are you experiencing, now?  And how much deeper can those feelings of relief grow as you let go of even more of your old baggage?  How much are you releasing now?  How much more forgiveness are you able to experience today?  What’s it like to find yourself effortlessly becoming a more accepting, forgiving person?  How does that change feel for you now?  What’s it like to have that happening, now, all on its own?  What’s it like for you to be growing, transforming now, into a more open, more accepting and more forgiving person?

How much has your capacity for acceptance and forgiveness expanded here, now?  How much lighter do you feel, now, than when we began?  What else are you letting go of that you haven’t noticed, yet?  What’s it like to know that this process of forgiveness can continue even after you’re done reading?  What else are you in the process of releasing, now, that you won’t even notice that you’re letting go of?  What will it be like when you do notice?  What will you become aware of first?  Will it be a deeper sense of peace in your life?  Will you find yourself feeling more energized and productive?  Will you be able to sleep more deeply and soundly this evening?  What is it that is happening, now, that can convince you fully that you are a more open, more accepting and more forgiving person?

Will it be when you notice yourself simply not caring about something that used to bother you?  What will that be like for you when you are noticing that you’ve somehow, effortlessly, become more able to handle things that used to bother you?  Can you get a sense of that, now?  How will it be for you when you are noticing that things which used to bother you no longer do?  Where will you be  when you first notice that?  What is it that you’re already more able to accept than you were when you began reading?  How will these changes manifest in your life?  What is there within you that is now more able to accept, to allow and to let go?  How is this happening?  How are you able to so easily and effortlessly forgive and let go now?  And, how is your growing capacity for forgiveness enhancing your life?

What other changes will you notice, now, thanks to the growing ability you have to just let things go and allow?  Will the first thing you notice be the deeper sense of contentment in your life?  Or will it be that you just naturally are more relaxed in general?  Will you notice that it’s much easier to appreciate and enjoy the little things in your life, now?

How is this process of forgiveness changing you?  When will you be able to notice just how much you’ve changed?  How long will it take before you’re completely aware of just how much effect reading this has had on you?  Will it take a few hours before you notice how much your capacity to forgive has improved or will you still be noticing that you’re capacity for forgiveness is growing naturally in a few weeks?  Will you ever be able to fully fathom how powerful the hypnotic effects here are or will you just continue to grow ever more open, accepting and loving with every day that passes for the rest of your life?  How powerful is your growing capacity for forgiveness becoming?  Can you get a sense of that, now?  How much deeper is your capacity for forgiveness than you ever truly realized?  What’s it like to be growing naturally more forgiving by the day?

How wonderful is it to just let go of all that baggage that you’ve carried?  It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?  I wonder how much better it’ll feel in the days and weeks ahead as you naturally let go of more and more of the old baggage that has been weighing you down.

Thank you for reading!


-Adam Coles-
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