Worthwhile Questions

Every question you ask has some assumptions that have to be accepted in order for the question to make sense.  This principle is one of the biggest things we work with in hypnosis to bypass conscious resistance.  If you say, “You are becoming relaxed, now” it’s very easy for people to look at their bodies, not notice much relaxation, and become convinced that they aren’t being hypnotized; but, if you say instead, “What part of your body is feeling the most relaxed, now?” people will look harder for relaxation.  To try and answer the question is to accept the idea that something is relaxed (and some part of the body is always more relaxed than the rest.)

Questions are powerfully hypnotic.

I often tell people that you don’t need to be half as worried about me hypnotizing you as you do about the ways that you hypnotize yourself without even realizing it.

What questions you been asking yourself?  What are the assumptions that you been reinforcing with those questions?  Have you often asked yourself questions like, “What is wrong with me?  Why do I keep doing that?”  These questions reinforce the idea that there is something wrong with you and that you’re going to keep doing that.  Understanding “Why?” you do a thing is actually not all that important in modifying the behavior most of the time.  Understanding hypnotic principles, however, is important.

Instead of asking, “Why do I keep doing that?” you can ask questions like, “What things have I been able to change before?  How did I do that?  What strengths do I have that I have been forgetting about?  What will it be like when I remember that strength?  How can my inner strength express itself today?”  You can ask yourself questions like that, can’t you?  It’s pretty easy to do, isn’t it?  What will it be like for you when you are asking yourself questions like these instead?  These questions and the implicit assumptions get the mind looking for strength and personal power instead of looking at weakness.  These questions are highly hypnotic and, even if you aren’t able to answer them, get the mind looking at strength and reinforce the idea that you do have strength.  The mind may well reject “You are stronger than you think,” especially when you have made a mistake and don’t feel very strong.  But, “What strengths do I have that I can think about instead?” won’t be rejected because you know without a doubt that you have strengths that you can think about instead.  This pulls the mind out of the darkness and refocuses it in a way that just reaffirming strength doesn’t.

For most people, most of the time, for affirmations to work they have to feel true.  “I am strong,” really only sticks in the mind if you already feel strong.  But, “What strengths do I have?” gets the mind to a place where you are reviewing accomplishments.  Once you have brought up several accomplishments, then your mind may be more receptive to the idea that you are strong.

In order to get the hypnotic effects of a question all you have to do is carefully consider it.  You don’t need to find an answer, just look for an answer.  Just ponder the following questions for a bit.

So, what questions have you been asking yourself that don’t serve you that you can stop asking yourself today?  How is it that your life is getting better when you are letting go of those old questions and focusing instead on worthy questions?  How is it that asking yourself different questions, now, is improving your life?  How is it that you are able to find change easy, effortless and natural, now?  In what ways is learning, now, about how powerful the questions we ask ourselves are transforming your relationship with yourself?

How much happier are you becoming today as you are learning, now, to refocus your mind with more positive questions?  What are you able to absorb of the way that I am asking questions here that lets you frame your questions to yourself in an even more hypnotic way?  Have you noticed, yet, how I am assuming not only that you are able to change; but, that you are already changing, now, easily, effortlessly and naturally?  How good does it feel when you are accepting this idea that you are already changing?

Can you understand, yet, consciously how powerful this type of question is?  How much are you absorbing these ideas unconsciously, now, and how deeply is this understanding transforming your ongoing thought process?  How will the deep transformation that you are experiencing, now, manifest itself?  What will it be like when you are finding that you are easily, effortlessly and automatically asking yourself more positive hypnotic questions now?  How good does it feel to know that your subconscious is easily accepting these implicit assumptions and making these changes which benefit you, now?  How happy are you that you are learning how easy it is to change when you understand hypnotic principles better, now?

Are you aware of the fact that when I’m asking my questions I am putting all of the assumptions that I want you to accept in the present tense?  Have you noticed how good it feels when your mind is accepting those suggestions?  How easy is it to accept these suggestive questions and allow your mind to make beneficial changes, now?  How many positive ways are you finding in the days and weeks ahead to use hypnotic questions on yourself to make your life better?

What’s it like, now, when you know how to effortlessly refocus your mind on your strengths by asking yourself hypnotic questions?  Are you aware, yet, of how easy it is to simply come back and re-read any of my hypnotic articles that spin your mind in positive directions and how much your choice to re-read these articles is able to help you to make easy and effortless positive changes?  How good does it feel to know that you are making positive changes, now, and that you are easily able to make more and more positive changes in the days and weeks ahead?

How much is your growing ability to use positive questions improving your self-esteem, now?  How many little ways are you finding to improve your life, now, and in the days and weeks ahead?  What’s it like for you to get the sense that simply by asking yourself the right hypnotic questions you are able to tap into your inner strength and make positive changes in your life?  What bad habits, that you had been struggling with, are you able to easily transform thanks to your new found knowledge of hypnotic questions?  How easy is it to ask yourself questions like, “What strengths do I have, now?” and “What’s it like when I’m finding the strength to change? and “What’s it like when change comes easily for me, now?”  What will it be like when you are asking yourself, “What’s it like when change is coming for me easily and naturally, now?” and “How is it that I am able to change so easily?”  and “How good does it feel to know that I am able to change easily?”

What other hypnotic questions are you able to ask yourself today?  What new connections is your mind making, now, that are allowing you to discover new, beneficial, hypnotic questions that you are asking yourself, now?  How much have you learned about hypnotic questions already, from reading my other articles, that you hadn’t realized that you had learned yet?  How is that learning, that you are able to access, now, helping you to use hypnotic questions in your life, now?

How good does it feel to know that you are taking more control of your mind and your thoughts, now?  It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?  What does that good feeling tell you, now, about how much your mind is accepting the hypnotic assumptions here?  How deeply are you transforming, now?  How easy, effortless and natural is it for the mind to transform when the right hypnotic questions are asked?  How much are you going to enjoy the changes that are occurring, now, in your thought processes?

What old habits, which hadn’t been serving you, are you able to effortlessly let go of, now?  What new habits are replacing them, now, as you are naturally tapping in to your inner creativity?  What good solutions are you finding, now, to problems that you didn’t know were so easy to solve?  What’s it like when you are effortlessly tapping into your own creativity, now, to find those easy solutions that you hadn’t been aware of before?  How much more creative and intelligent are you, now, than you had been thinking?  How are you more able to use that creativity, now, to effortless find solutions to those problems in your life that had been causing you trouble?

How glad are you that you are learning, now, how to create easy, effortless and natural changes in your mind and in your life?

How much easier are you finding it , now, to comfort and help your friends now that you know how easy it is to ask them questions which help them to find their inner strength, instead of just telling them that they are strong?  How much better is it when they find the strength and resources that they have within?  How much is your new learning here improving your life and improving the lives of the people that you care about?

Just how powerful is this?  How deeply are you being effected by these questions, now?  How glad are you that you’ve read this and learned to be more mindful of the questions that you ask yourself?

Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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