Finding the Funny

I’m sure at some point there was something you thought, felt or believed that you’ve outgrown and that when you look on it now, it seems kind of funny that you ever believed it.  Did you ever believe in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy as a kid?  I’m sure if you think back on it you can find all kinds of silly things that you used to believe in.  When we naturally outgrow something, it seems more and more ridiculous in hindsight.

When there’s something that you’re working to outgrow, when you’ve started to realize that a belief or perspective isn’t really true and has been interfering with your life, looking for reasons that it’s ridiculous is a really great healing tool.

This comes back to the principle “Where attention goes, energy flows.”  Struggling against a belief tends to reinforce it.  The answer is, don’t struggle!  Stop fighting!  Let it be.  Literally, all you need to do much of the time is forget about it and focus on the idea that you know is more true and serves you better.  To shift your focus to the new idea is to let go of the old.

If you’re really having a hard time of it though, look for the funny.  Don’t take the problem seriously.  Taking it seriously just makes it stronger.  You are stronger than your problems.  You are creative and intelligent and capable of reshaping your mind however you want to.  It’s your mind, isn’t it?  It’s not the problems mind, it’s yours!  The problem is not its own thing, is it?  It’s part of you.  You are the master of your own domain!  You are king (or queen) in your own mind!  Just remember that!

The idea that an old belief is stronger than you is ridiculous, isn’t it?  Do you really believe that your fears are stronger than you?  Really?  Are you stuck believing in Santa Clause?  Of course not!  You outgrew it.  You changed.  It happened.  It’s happened before and it can happen again.

If you look within now, what is there that you are ready to outgrow?  What is there in your mind, now, that you are able to let go of?  What beliefs are there, that you thought were true; but, that part of you has been slowly becoming aware that they are not?  What is there that you thought was serious, that you are able to see, now, is really ridiculous?  What strengths do you have, now, that allow you to overcome that problem?  How much stronger are you, now, than you have truly believed?  How good does it feel when you are finding your inner strength, now, and letting go of the old problem?  How funny does the old idea seem, now, as you are connecting with your inner strength?  How good does it feel when you are acknowledging, now, that you are master of your own mind?  How funny is it that you used to take that belief seriously?  How good does it feel when you see the ridiculous in it and know that you are stronger, now, than you thought you were?


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-Adam Coles-
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