Blessed Emptiness

As humans we like to know things.  I know, it’s a shocking revelation.  People like to feel powerful, people like to feel in control.  Will wonders never cease?

This desire can make it kind of difficult for people to accept the truth that ultimately, we don’t know what’s going to happen.  Every choice I make is a gamble.  I never know how things are going to turn out.  That comfortable sense of feeling in control is kind of a lie.

As I’m writing this article, I have no idea whether anyone will read it.  Now, I’m pretty sure, someone will read it; but, I don’t know for sure.  But, I don’t really know.  I’m guessing.  Sure, it’s a pretty good guess that someone will read this; but, that’s not the same as knowing for sure, is it?  The only thing that I know for sure is that I don’t know.

It could be that no one reads.  It could be (though unlikely at this stage in my career) that thousands of people read this.  It could be that some of you are inspired by these words.  It could be that some of you reject these words and decide to call me an asshole.  I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I don’t know how many people are going to see this.  I don’t know how many are going to read through until they end.  I simply don’t know.

Isn’t it wonderful?

What?  What’s that?  How is not knowing wonderful?

It means that both hopes and fears are kind of an illusion.  There’s no point in going around believing any of them.  They are only possibilities.  They are attempts of the mind to fathom the Infinite and Unknowable.  The potential outcomes here really are infinite and unknowable.  That’s the Truth.

Now, in my experience, the best way to come to the place of emptiness, at least at first, is to just let the mind spin until you start to really realize, “Yup, I don’t know what the crap is happening.”  Go ahead and let your mind overload itself.  It’s all good.  Let yourself spin through that breakout point and find the peace and the emptiness on the other side.  Since your mind has been used to the illusion of control, the sense of being out of control will tend to make the mind panic.  It’s all good.  It’s OK.  Let that panic kick the mind into overdrive.  Let that panic drive you straight through countless options until you break through to the inevitable realization that they’re all options, that you don’t really know what’s true.  That emptiness is more true than any of the spinning thoughts.

Did you know that panic is a great doorway to enlightenment?  No?  Not a lot of people toss that bit of wisdom around.  I don’t know why not, possibly they don’t want to scare people off.  Possibly they don’t know.  Who knows why it is?  It just is.  Personally, I’m perfectly happy to scare you a bit, because on the other side of that fear, is peace.  If you push past the panic and confusion, you find peace.  And, every time you let your mind spin out past that breakout point, you find that place of peace where you know how little you know.  It becomes easier and easier to find the peace instead of getting stuck in the spinning vortex of thought which tries to know the unknowable.

Panic and overload are hypnotic.  Panic and overload break the conscious mind out of the patterns that it runs.  The fastest way to hypnotize someone is to startle them; and, in that moment of overload, tell them firmly to “Sleep.”

There are many paths into hypnosis.  There are many paths into that place of calm, peace, acceptance and emptiness within.  Which path will you walk today?  What way is it that you’re mind will find to bring you to that place of peace within where you are free from the past?  Will it be panic which pushes you past your threshold and teaches you how to relax?  Or, will you simply choose to relax and unwind, to let the mind drift peacefully into this state of calm?  How are you going within today and letting your subconscious do the work for you?  How are you learning more fully to let go, now?  How much easier is it becoming, now, to relax and unwind and experience deep calm, now?

Is the path into hypnosis that you choose to walk, now, to panic and resist the hypnotic effects of my questions until you are so tired and so overloaded that you don’t have the strength to resist any more?  Or are you finding it easy to just let go?  Are you finding it easier to just let yourself tune in to that place of peace and relaxation, now?  Are you aware of a tendency to just let yourself relax naturally the more that you read?  Have you noticed that relaxation developing automatically, now?  Are you aware of something happening, a strange feeling, as if your body is relaxing all on it’s own and your mind is somehow becoming more calm, more peaceful and still?

How is it that hypnosis is developing, now?  How are you finding that place of peace within?  How are you finding that blessed emptiness of mind which makes transformation easy and natural for you?  What are you feeling now as your mind is connecting with that place of peace within?  What’s it like as your mind is sinking more and more into a deep state of hypnosis, easily, effortlessly and naturally?  What’s it like as your resistance is fading away as you go deeper, now?  How good does it feel as you are letting go and finding this place of serenity within?  Have you noticed how good it feels, yet?  Have you noticed the blissful relaxation that’s developing as your mind is going more and more fully into this deep hypnotic state?  Did you know that you could go into trance easily, like this, with your eyes open?  Did you know that you could go, even deeper into trance by the moment, just by reading, now?  What’s it like to find yourself going so deeply into trance now?  Just how good does it feel to slip more deeply into hypnosis the longer you read?

How is it that this is happening, now, for you?  Just what sensations are you noticing in your body, now, that let you know you’re going deeper?  Just how is your trance developing, now?  How easily, how naturally, how gently are you slipping into this state of calm, now?  How is it that this trance that you’re experiencing is helping you, now?  What is it that you are learning, now, about peace and relaxation?  How much deeper are you able to go, now, than you have gone before?  How good does it feel for you, now, when you are noticing those feelings of relaxation deepening?

How much more easily are you able to maintain your relaxation throughout the day, now?  How much easier is it to becoming, now, to just simply let stress melt away?  What’s that like for you as your mind is learning to let go more easily and naturally of stress and find this place of peace within?  How much better is it for you, today, as you are noticing this happening naturally, almost on it’s own?  What’s it like as you are learning to trust in this natural hypnotic trance process which is making it so that you can naturally live your life more from a state of calm and ease rather than stress?  How much is your growing capacity for calm, helping you today to make better decisions?  How is it that your natural creativity and intelligence are coming out today and allowing you to make wiser choices, now?

How simple is it to let this happen for you?  How easy are you finding it, now, to trust in that wiser part of yourself?  How easy is it to let your natural creativity and wisdom arise, today, and find yourself naturally making better decisions?  What’s it like for you to know that this is happening, easily, effortlessly and automatically, now?  How good does it feel to just let go, now?  How good does it feel as this trance that you’re experiencing, now, is allowing you to effortlessly outgrow the old patterns of behavior that don’t really serve you?  What are those old habits of thought and feeling that you’re releasing now?  Just what is it that you are outgrowing, now?  How easily, effortlessly and naturally is that process of outgrowing happening, now?  What’s it like for you to be more at peace, more calm, more peaceful and serene, today?  How much is what you’re learning, now, about calm, peace and relaxation improving your life, now?

Did you know that when you’re feeling calm, relaxed and at ease your mind works better?  Did you know that when you’re feeling even deeper calm that you’re more easily able to draw on your natural creativity and find solutions to the problems in your life?  How good does it feel to know that because of the deeper level of calm that you’re experiencing today, you are able to make better decisions?  How good does it feel to know that this process is happening easily, naturally and automatically, now?  What is it within you that is creating these changes, now?  How much deeper are the changes growing in the days and weeks ahead?  How much more are you learning about how to remain calm in situations which you used to find stressful?  How much more easily are you to tap into your natural creativity and wisdom to find solutions to life’s challenges?  How good does it feel to know that you are quickly, easily and naturally outgrowing the old patterns of stressful thinking and learning to live your life from a state of natural ease, now?

How amazing is the power of your subconscious mind which is creating these changes, now?  How glad are you that you’ve been learning to let go, more?  How good does it feel to just let this process develop?  How grateful are you that you have been able to find a way to make change easy, effortless and natural, now?  Just how grateful are you feeling for the changes that your subconscious is making, now?  How does that feeling of gratitude grow, now, as you are becoming more aware of it?  Did you know that the more gratitude you feel for the changes which are happening, now, the more easily your mind learns and the smoother this process of transformation becomes?  How wonderful is it to let yourself feel more gratitude, now, for the trance process that you’ve been experiencing?  How grateful are you feeling for this healing process?  How grateful are you that you’ve found a skilled hypnotist who can help you to naturally outgrow your old patterns of behavior?  How good do you feel, now, knowing that this process is working for you, now?

How much change are you able to notice, today?  How much of this process of change are you unable to notice?  How deeply are you learning to relax more, today?  How much is the relaxation that you’re learning to maintain, today, allowing you to live a happier life?  How much more easily and naturally are you finding yourself enjoying life, now, as you are able to connect with the blessed emptiness within?  How easily is it that you are able to slip into this state and access your natural creativity to solve problems?  How wonderful is it to let this happen, now?  How much awareness do you really have of how much you are changing, now?

And, now, with these changes sealed and locked in and your subconscious working to integrate them, you can allow yourself to come out of trance, now.  You can allow your normal thought processes to resume and know that your subconscious is hard at work for you, now, creating the changes in your life that are of most benefit to you, now.


Thank you for reading!


-Adam Coles-
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