How Hungry Are You?

I’m guessing that you have something in your life that you want, right?  You can think of something that you’d like to get or achieve, can’t you?  And, I wonder, if, perhaps, the reason that you haven’t achieved it, yet!, is because you haven’t been hungry enough.

Desire and hunger are more or less the same thing, aren’t they?  The feeling of wanting to achieve a goal isn’t really all that different from the feeling of wanting to eat, is it?  And, when you’re feeling hungry enough, you naturally go get something to eat to satisfy that hunger.  It’s normal, it’s natural; and, in fact, it’s a lot harder to fight hunger than it is to give into it.  So, how hungry are you feeling, now?  How strong is that desire to get what you want?

Imagine, now, that you are able to easily, effortlessly and naturally increase your level of desire to reach your goal.  Imagine that, somehow or another, just by reading this your level of hunger is growing stronger.  Imagine that, now.  Imagine that somehow, almost in spite of yourself, your level of desire is growing stronger.  Imagine that this is happening automatically.  Imagine that whatever this process which you are experiencing, right now, which is increasing your level of desire is so strong, somehow, that even if you fought to stay the same, you couldn’t.  Imagine that, now, that just like when you desperately need to find something to eat and you’re desire to get food just naturally grows stronger the longer you go without satisfying it, the more you are reading these words, here, the stronger your desire to achieve your goal is becoming.

Imagine, that, somehow, by the time you are done reading this, that level of desire will have increased exponentially.  Imagine that your level of desire is naturally increasing, now, and becoming more and more powerful the more you read; and, imagine now, that somehow this is happening automatically.  Imagine that even if you wanted to stop fighting this growing desire within you, now, that you couldn’t because it is just increasing naturally, all on its own, in the same way that your physical hunger increases when you need to eat.  Imagine that that desire to achieve your goal is a need, just like the need for food, that you can’t really do anything about.  Imagine, now, that when you don’t take steps towards your goal, that you naturally grow hungrier and hungrier, in spite of yourself, now, as some unconscious process, now, drives you to do the work that you need to do to bring your goal into reality.

Imagine that you are realizing, now, that the biggest thing that was getting in your way was your desire to remain in control.  Imagine that you already know how to let go; because, you naturally let go, at some point or another, each and every time you feel physical hunger, and that you are now able to let go of whatever it was within you that was trying to control this raging desire within you, now, to succeed.

What success are you creating for yourself, now, as you are realizing to just trust in the power of your raging desire to succeed?  How is it that trusting in this part of you that wants to achieve your goal more than anything, now, allowing you to effortlessly focus on those things that are bringing your goal to life?  What steps are you taking, now, that you had been resisting; but, which you already know that you need to take in order to make this dream come true?  What is it within you, now, that is feeling even hungrier for success, which is driving you to take more and more action in your day to day life?  What is the first action that you are taking, now, which is propelling you forward towards your goal?

How is it that this, raging desire within you, now, is allowing you to effortlessly resist the desire to procrastinate?  How is it that simply by remembering what it is that you, really want it, now, you are able to, let go, now, of those things that you had been doing that had been getting in your way; but, which you are able to, see clearly, now, aren’t nearly as appealing as, doing the work, now, which propels you forward towards your goal?

When you, really want something, now, you are easily and effortlessly able to focus on it, right?  So, just get a sense, now, of how much more easily, you are able to focus, now, on doing those things which are, creating your dreams, now.  What’s it like when, you are more focused on your goals, now?  What is it, within you, now, which has the power to create states of, focus and desire easily, now?  How much, more easily now, are you able to focus on those actions that, you really want, now, to do, which are taking you, naturally towards your goals, now?  How much easier is it, now, to focus on the things that take you, towards your goals, now, that it is to focus on distractions?  How much harder are you finding it, now, to procrastinate than it is to, just buckle down and do the work?  How good does it feel, now, as this change is happening, easily, effortlessly and automatically, now?

How does it feel, right here, in this moment, as, you’re unconscious, mind is creating these effortless changes for you?  How much is, your desire growing by the day?  And, how much is that, growing desire, now, allowing your natural level of focus to increase even more?  As you are, naturally focusing more on your goals, now, how is it that you are able to, naturally access your inner creativity, now, to find the ways to bring your goal into reality?  What’s it like for you, now, as, this is happening?  What sensations can you become aware of, in this moment, which let you know that, you’re naturally creative, process is becoming, more activated, now?

What insights are coming, now, and in the days ahead, as you are, more easily, now, able to focus on your goals, thanks to this, growing sense of desire, now?  How is it that, you’re unconscious, mind is naturally creating all the feelings that you need to bring your goal into reality, now?  What is it that, you are letting go, now, of that had been getting in your way?  How easy are, you’re finding it, now, to, let go of the past behaviors which had kept your dream from you?  What does it feel like, in this moment, when you are, effortlessly letting go, now, of those thoughts, feelings and errant desires, which had been distracting you from your goal?  How good does it feel, now, as you are trusting, you’re unconscious, to create this reality where, you are effortlessly driven to meet your goal, now?

How much easier is it becoming, by the moment, now, to just, allow your mind to focus naturally, on your, growing desire, now, to meet your goal?  How much has that desire, within you, now, grown since you began reading?  How much more is it, growing, now, with every word that you are reading?

What will it feel like, for you, when you are, achieving this goal, now?  How, driven, now, are you naturally becoming, more by the day?  How, glad, now, are you feeling; because, you, know you can achieve, the thing that you, desperately want, now, to achieve?  How does it feel, now, as you are, effortlessly breaking free of the past, and, finding the inner strength, now, which allows you to, go forward, now, and, effortlessly create the life you want, now?

How is it that, this is happening, now, and that, you’re unconscious, mind is learning, now, how to, bring this sense of desire and focus, into, achieving all those things that are important to you, now?  How much more, do you think, you’re unconscious, is able to, create deep feelings of desire, now, which are, naturally propelling you forward, now, towards this goal; and, perhaps, any other goals which really, matter to you, now?

How is it that when, you’re feeling this burning desire within you, now, it feels so good to do the work which is, satisfying that desire, now?  How glad are you that, you are learning, now, to, feel hungrier, more driven, more motivated and focused, now?  Just how much is this, natural, learning process, now, allowing you to, achieve great things, in your life, now?  What Greatness, within you, now, is it that, you are achieving, now, that you used to believe was beyond you?  Just how good does it feel, in this moment, now, as you are, finding this deep increase, in your desire, your level of energy, your level of motivation and in your ability to, focus, now, on doing those things which allow you, now, to, achieve your goals?

Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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