Mental Immune System

There are those who theorize, and I think it makes sense, that just like the body has an immune system which fights off diseases, the mind has an analogous system which works to protect the mind from “thought viruses” and from ideas and beliefs that are not good for us.  Imagine for a moment that this is true, imagine that there is something within you, right now, that (while you may not be aware of it) is working to protect your mind from those ideas and beliefs that are harmful to you.

Imagine, for a moment, that there is something happening now that has the power to boost this natural “psychic” immune system.  Perhaps, this is happening, now, because of the tendency to create what you imagine.  Or, maybe, it’s happening, now, because there is something about the hypnotic language that you’re reading which is, creating this effect, now.  But, for whatever reason, you can imagine, now, can you not?, that this psychic immune system that you have is, growing stronger, now.

Perhaps, as you are, able to find, now, that your minds immune system is, growing stronger by the moment, you are able to, notice, now, that there is some strange or unusual sensation that, you are able to notice, now, which let’s you know that, this is happening, now.  What is it that you can feel in this moment which can let you know, now, that somehow, for some reason, you’re psychic immune system is, growing stronger, now?  What is this feeling, within now, which is letting you know that, you’re unconscious, is creating this effect for you?

Have you yet noticed the way that the more, you are noticing this sensation, now, the stronger it grows?  Have you become aware of just how much, your psychic immune system is improving, now?  It’s alright if you haven’t noticed, yet, you can just keep reading; and, perhaps, when you find that, this sensation is getting stronger, you are able to become more aware of it as you are reading further.

And, what is it, for you, that your mind is, releasing, now, which, you’re unconscious, mind can effortlessly clear away for you?  How is it that, you’re unconscious, immune system is hard at work for you, now, to free you from thoughts, feelings and beliefs which do not serve your best interests?  What is it that, you’re releasing, now, which can leave you, feeling freer, happier and more at peace?  Are the things which, you’re releasing, now, fading away rapidly or slowly?  How is it that, this part of you, now, which has the power to, release the past, now, is allowing you to, go forward in life, and create the success that you want for yourself?

What’s it like for you, now, to get the feeling that this part of you which is, clearing away the past, now, is creating positive changes, within you, now, which allow you to, live your life in freedom and peace, now?

How much happier are you becoming, now, in this moment, as, you’re unconscious, is releasing those attitudes and beliefs which never really served you that well?  What’s it like for you, in this moment, now, as you are able to find that, this is happening, now?  How easy are you able to find it, now, to simply, allow, this process within, to take place; and, how are you feeling, in this moment, as you can simply become more aware of how easily, you are changing for the better, now?

How long do you think it will take for you to, become aware, now, of just how deeply, you are changing, now?  How much freer are you becoming from those burdens of the past which, you used to carry, now, as your inner, psychic immune system is clearing away those old attitudes which you may have thought served you; but, which, you are able to realize, now, didn’t really serve you all that well?  What is it that, you’re unconscious, mind is able to clear away, now, which is bringing you a, greater sense of peace and joy, now?  When is it, precisely, that you are, now, able to notice this, growing sense of freedom and peace, now?  What changes which are, happening, now, are you most likely to notice first?

Do you think, perhaps, you will be able to, notice as soon as you’re done reading, that, there is something within you, now, which already feels lighter and freer?  Or, do you think, that it will take you a little while to notice just how much, you are changing, now?  What changes are you able to, notice, now, which are of the most value to you, which you can find yourself, noticing, now?

Will you be aware, at first, of just how much, more energy you have, now?  It’s natural when, you are letting go of the past, that, you find your level of motivation naturally increasing, now.  When, do you think, it is, that you are able to notice just how much, your level of energy is naturally increasing, now?  How is it, for you, now, that this, natural increase in your level of energy, now, is manifesting, in this moment?  What, do you think, that you used to struggle with; but, that, now, you can find, is coming much more naturally and easily?  What is it that, you are finding, now, that you can do that is taking you, forward in life, now, and that, while, perhaps, you used to struggle with; but, which, now, you are able to do more easily?  How is it, precisely, that you are creating this, sense of effortless ease, now, which, you are able to feel, whenever, you are doing these things, which take you, forward in life, now?

In what ways has your psychic immune system already created this, deeper sense of ease, now, which you are able to, feel, now, and how is it that this, deep sense of ease, is freeing you from your old, patterns of behavior?  How much more easily and naturally are you, able to do, now, those things which use to seem as if they were too difficult; but, which you are, realizing, now, are, in fact, much easier that you had thought?

What’s it like to know that your natural, psychic immune system is, freeing you, now, from procrastination?  How much less are you, finding it, now, that you are procrastinating?  And, when you are finding that, you are procrastinating less, what is it, precisely, that, you are no longer doing, which had been keeping you from, meeting your goals, now?  And, when you are, noticing these changes, now, and finding that, you are naturally procrastinating less, how good does that feel for you, now?  What goals that you have always been capable of, that, perhaps, you didn’t quite know how, capable you really are, that you are, doing, now?

What is it, do you think, precisely, that used to be a time suck for you, that you are, losing interest in, now, and how is it that these changes which are, happening naturally, now, are improving your life?  How is it, now, that the natural ability, you have, now, to, create the life you want for yourself, is, manifesting more fully, now, in your life and in the, natural tendency, now, that you have to, make wiser choices, today?

Will you, perhaps, notice and become aware, now, of the way that, you’re unconscious, mind is creating dreams which allow you to, vent out old patterns, now?  Will you find that the dreams that you do, have, now, are naturally allowing you to, release the past, more, by the day?  When you are, releasing the past here and now, in this moment, and finding that this, venting process, now, is manifesting in your dreams, I wonder, what, precisely, are you dreaming about tonight, which is allowing you to, go forward in life, now?  How is it that, you’re unconscious, is able to use, venting dreams, now, to, more fully release the old patterns, that had been holding you back before, now?

Will you find that as, your psychic immune system is growing stronger, now, that your dreams are more of a release?  Or, perhaps, you will notice, now, that, your dreams bring insight, wisdom and greater clarity to you.  What, precisely, is it that, you will find, now, which, you’re unconscious, mind has to share with you and which is taking you, forward in life, now?  How is it that, you are now finding, that, your dreams are a perfect vehicle for this process of self-improvement?

What is it that, you’re unconscious, already knows that the conscious mind is unaware of; but, which is coming to you, now, in your dreams, tonight?  What will it be like when, you are finding, now, that this process of personal growth is, kicking into high gear, now?  How is it that you are finding, now, that, your dreams are growing more vivid and, somehow, allowing you, access, now, to creativity and wisdom which were, previously, unknown to the conscious mind?  How is it, precisely, that there is something, within you, now, which has the power to bring you, greater insights and clarity, now, in your dreams, tonight?

What do you think will be the first, revelatory dreams, now, that you are able to, become aware of and remember, now?  How is it that these, vivid dreams, now, are enabling you to, grow as a person, now?  What is it, now, within, you’re unconscious, which is, creating dreams more vividly, now?  How is it that, you’re unconscious, psychic immune system is bringing you, enlightenment, now?  How is it that, you are able to tap into this revelatory process, now?  And, how much are you, finding, now that, this process is happening, easily, naturally and effortlessly, now?

How much is it that, your psychic immune system, is growing, stronger by the day; and, how much are you, able to notice, now, that you are finding yourself, naturally growing as a person, now?  What are the ways, precisely, now, that you are able to notice that, you have already changed, today?  Will it be, do you think, that you are able to notice these, deep changes, now, easily manifesting in your life, today?  Or, perhaps, will it take you a little bit longer to become fully aware of just how deeply, you have changed, now?

And, in the days and weeks ahead, as, you are finding, now, that, this process is growing stronger, now, by the day, just how much more aware are you becoming by the day of how wonderful it is, now, to, make positive changes easily?  How much easier are you, finding it, now, to, make these positive changes, now, than you ever really believed was possible?  What else are you able to, discover, now, is possible for you that you didn’t really believe in before; but, has been possible all along?


Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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