What Do You Want More Of?

One of the “secrets” of reconditioning work is to focus not on what you want less of, but what you want more of.  We can’t really undo previous associations with hypnotic techniques.  It’s fundamentally about creation.  The mind is endlessly creative and it’s just a question of working out what you want to create.  When a new pattern is stronger than an old one, the old one is naturally forgotten.

It’s this innate creative property of the mind which gives birth to the principle, “What you resist, will persist,” because, when you’re focused on a thing, you create it.  You are stimulating that part of the mind simply by focusing on it.  You end up making stronger the thing that you’re trying to get rid of.

So, the answer is simple, focus instead, now, on what you do want.  If you want, “not to procrastinate” then what you want is to, be more productive, more focused and more energized, now, isn’t it?  Simply, focus on that, now.  Imagine, now, that somehow a process has been triggered, within you, now, that is increasing the aspect of your personality which is of most benefit to you, now.  You don’t need to know how or why, just imagine that it has already happened.  Imagine that you’ve already begun, changing, now, in some way which is of benefit to you.  Imagine that, this is happening, now, and that there is something useful to you, growing stronger, now.

What is it that’s of most benefit to you that is being stimulated by this mysterious process?  What is it that you need which is, growing stronger, now?  What do you know, now, unconsciously, that is best able to help you and take you, forward in life, now?  What is it that you’re doing, now, unconsciously, which is of the most benefit to you, now, in this moment, right here?

What strength is, you’re unconscious, now, accessing which of benefit to you?  What is it, now, that’s happening and somehow, growing stronger, now?  How do you feel, in this moment, as, this is happening, now?  Can you notice the, strange sensations in your body, now, which can let you know as the conscious mind that, you’re unconscious, mind is working to, create positive changes, now?  What are the, positive changes, that are, growing stronger, now, within you?  What is it that you need more of that, you’re unconscious, is, creating, now, for you?

Is it, more energy,now, that you need?  Is, you’re unconscious, now, creating for you a, feeling of joyful enthusiasm, now, when you are doing those things which take you, forward in life, now?  How are you feeling, now, as you are imagining this sense of, joyful enthusiasm, now, which has the power to propel you forward?  Just how much is that sense of joyful enthusiasm which is bringing you, more energy, now, allowing you to access the natural energy, within you, now?

Did you know that as, you’re consider how the things you want are blessings for you, now, you are naturally, increasing your sense of desire, now, and as this sense of desire that is, growing, now, is the key to feeling, more energy and enthusiasm, now?  Were you aware that as humans we are naturally drawn to, create what you want, now?  You probably already knew that when you are, releasing your fears, now, you are able to, feel greater energy and enthusiasm, now, and you may even have known that the secret to, letting go of fear, now, is focusing instead on all those reasons that you have, within you, now, which are why you want to, achieve your goal, now.  So, as, you’re focusing, now, on all the reasons that you have to, feel more desire, now, can you feel how those reasons are, growing stronger, now, by the moment, and how as you’re feeling this growing sense of, wanting your goal more, now, your fears are naturally receding and, melting away, now?

This sense that you have of wanting comes from the part of you, within, now, that knows that this thing that you want is a blessing, does it not?  We naturally want things which we can see the value of, do we not?  So, what value is there in this thing that you want that you can, see more clearly, now?  Why is it that you are, wanting this so badly, now?  Why is it that you know that its a blessing for you?  What is it, within you, now, which knows how this thing that you are, wanting more, now, is a blessing?  How is it that focusing on how this thing you want is, naturally increasing your desire, now?  What is the value to you in, reaching that goal, now?  How can you, more fully appreciate this value, now, and how is it that this value is, enhancing your life, now, and bringing you, more joy and fulfillment, now, in this life that you are living?

Have you yet gotten the sense of how this, natural shift in focus, now, from focusing on what you don’t want to what you do want is helping you, now, to, move forward, now, in your life and to, bring your goals into reality, now?  Can you, fully appreciate, now, just how it is that this shift which is happening, within you, now, is allowing you, greater natural energy and focus, now?  How deeply is this, powerful shift, now, transforming your life for the better, now, and allowing you to more, easily meet your goals, now?  Can you see, yet, how this lesson that you are, learning, now, is allowing you more access to your, natural energy and enthusiasm, now?  How much more energy are you able to, experience, now, in your life when you are, naturally focused, now, on this, deep sense of desire, now, within you, more fully by the moment?

I wonder, what changes will you be able to notice today in your behavior and your level of energy and enthusiasm.  How will those, changes in your thinking, now, manifest for you, today?  Are these, positive changes, now, which you are able to, notice, today, going to be strong enough to surprise and delight you?  Or, perhaps, are the changes that you are able to, notice, now, more subtle?  How fully are you able to, integrate this shift in thinking, now, today?  And, how much more fully are you finding that, your thinking naturally shifts, now, by the day?  Is this, process of transformation, now, happening all at once, now, or is it that, for you, this, process of transformation, now, is happening more slowly?

Just how much have you already found yourself, changing, now, for the better?  Are you aware of how this, deep shift in your thinking, now, is going to, manifest, now?  How much more fully are you, appreciating your desires, now, and how is it that this, growing sense of appreciation, now, is bringing you the natural, energy, now, that you need to, create the life you want, now, for yourself?  How much more natural has it become for you to, make the choices which take you forward, now?  How easy has it become for you to, create the life you want, now?


Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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