Healing Intelligence

Hypnosis relies, at least partly, on stimulating the imagination in order to stimulate the unconscious part of the mind that creates the placebo effect. You don’t actually have to believe anything I’m saying. Belief isn’t important here. Faith doesn’t matter. Imagination does. All hypnosis requires is the same kind of temporary suspension of disbelief that comes naturally when you’re watching a good movie which pulls you in to the story. It’s about imagination and emotion. It’s about just letting yourself pretend, for a little while, and letting your emotions trigger the effects. That’s all that the “letting go” and “allowing” that are so often talked about mean.

You can allow yourself to feel emotions, now, can’t you? I’m willing to bet that you can, just tune in to your feelings, more naturally, now. Pay attention to what is happening, within you, now. Just pay a bit more attention to your body than you have been, noticing any sensations that you can become aware of, now.

So, with that in mind, just imagine for a moment, now, that there is something within you, something wise and loving and powerful. Imagine that there is some deep intelligence, within you, now, which has been supporting you throughout your life. Imagine that it’s this intelligence which has been guiding all the marvelously complex processes of your body, all the things that happen, automatically, now, which support and sustain your life. This intelligence, inside, has been handling your digestion, your breathing and keeping your heart beating while you, just focus, now, on living your life.
Just imagine that there is something about thinking about this intelligence, within you, now, which is allowing you to, form a deeper connection with this intelligence, now.

Imagine that simply by reading this and, thinking more about this intelligence, now, you are forging a deeper connection between your conscious mind and, you’re unconscious, now.

What are you feeling, in this moment, as you are somehow, automatically, forming this deeper connection, now, with, you’re unconscious. Can you, feel a sense of peace, now, as you are, connecting automatically, now, with this vast intelligence within. Have you noticed any shifts in your body, yet, perhaps finding that, your breathing slows, now, or that, your muscles relax naturally, now? Just tune into any feelings that are coming to you, now. Notice how this process of, connecting more deeply, now, with the vast intelligence of, you’re unconscious, feels for you. Everybody is a little bit different and there’s no wrong way to, feel now. Just notice those feelings which arise in your body, now. Anything that, you’re feeling, as you’re, looking within, now, is right for you.

And, as you are naturally, allowing, now, this connection to grow, deeper still, you may notice that these sensations that you’ve been noticing are, growing more intense, now. You may find that, your feelings of relaxation deepen naturally, now. You may be able to notice the, sense of calm, now, which is filling your mind. Whatever sensations that, you’re feeling, now, are right for you and you can, simply relax and enjoy, now, whatever this process is feeling like for you.

And, I wonder, how is it that, you’re doing this, now? How is it that, it’s so simple, for you to simply, allow this connection to grow deeper? How is it that something, within, now, is allowing you to experience these, deepening feelings of calm, now? What ways, do you think, that these, deeper feelings now, are helping you to heal? What is it that this part of you, this, deeper wisdom, within you, now, is able to do for you as you are, connecting more deeply, now?

Is it some kind of physical healing that, you’re experiencing this, now, or is the healing that, you’re receiving, now, from this vast intelligence, within you, more of an emotional healing? Perhaps, you’re finding, now, that the healing, you’re receiving, in this moment, is actually both. Is this, deep healing, now, that, you’re experiencing in this moment, somehow, resolving some old trauma, now, which had been manifesting as physical symptoms?

Imagine that, now. Imagine that you have got the sense that something, within, now, is triggering some, powerful healing process, now, which is bringing, feelings of relief, now, to both the body and the mind. Imagine that you are able to simply, trust this deeper wisdom, within now, to, bring feelings of relief, to you, today. What’s it like for you, now, as you are, trusting this inner wisdom? How does it feel, in this moment, as you are being, healed more fully now? How good does it feel to simply, relax more, and, allow, this process of, deep healing, now, to take place? Can you feel all those, good feelings, now, or is it that, for you, this deep healing that, you are experiencing, now, is taking place more on that, unconscious level now, deep within?

What is it, exactly, that is being, healed more fully, now? Do you have a sense of it consciously? Or is it that the full awareness of what it is that being, healed more fully, now, is only on that, deeper unconscious level, now? Does it really matter if you know consciously what it is that, you’re unconscious, now, is doing to, create this deeper healing, now? Is it OK if you don’t know? Can you, feel deeper trust, now, in this, unconscious healing process, which is working for you, in this moment, to create this, deep healing, now? Are you able to, feel OK, now, with not knowing exactly what it is that, you are healing, now, and just knowing that, you feel better? Is it that, you’re OK, now, with allowing this, deep healing, now, to take place, unconsciously, and that all you’ll be aware of consciously is this sense of, feeling lighter and freer? As these issues within are being, resolved, now, is it that all you’re aware of consciously is the sense of some, burden being lifted, now?

How good does it feel for you, in this moment, as, you’re unconscious, now, is bringing you this, deeper healing by the moment? Are you, feeling glad, now, that you decided to read this? How much, lighter and freer, now, are you feeling as, you’re unconscious, is, releasing old baggage, now, and allowing you to really experience this, deeper healing, now, which is happening? How good does it feel, now, to know that you can, really trust, in this vast intelligence, within you, now?

And, as, you’re finding now, that this, healing process is growing deeper still, how much more are you, finding it, now, that, you are able to trust in this deeper wisdom within you, now? As, you’re connection with, you’re unconscious, is growing, deeper still, by the moment, how much is it that, this healing process is continuing, now, even when you’re done here? How much, deeper healing, now, is it that, you’re experiencing, throughout the day, today? Can you, yet, get the sense, now, that this, powerful healing process, is, growing even stronger, now, and through the days ahead? How deeply are you, healing tonight, while, you are sleeping, now? What is it, precisely, that, you’re unconscious, is doing for you, now, that is allowing you to, experience deeper healing, now, and in the days ahead?

How much of your old baggage are you able to, effortlessly release, now, and how much, lighter and freer, are you becoming by the day? How is it that this, process of deep healing, now, is manifesting for you, today? How good are you feeling as you, know now that this healing process is taking place? What ways are you, finding it now, that, you are feeling lighter and freer? What burdens are you, effortlessly releasing, now?

How much, do you think, that all these burdens that, you’re releasing, now, are allowing you to, feel greater happiness, in your life? And as, you’re feeling lighter and freer, and more and more able to, find the joy in life, now, how is it that all the stress that, you’re effortlessly releasing, now, is no longer affecting you? How much are you able to, find now, that, your physical health is improving, now, as all of the stressors that, you are effortlessly releasing, now, simply fade away? How much is it that you are finding, more energy you have, now, which allows you to, create even greater happiness for yourself, now?

How is it that as, you’re finding your physical and mental health improving, you are able to enjoy your life more? How much is this, deep inner healing, that, you’re experiencing now, affecting you for the better, now? How much, more joy, are you able to, experience this now, and, even deeper joy, in the days and weeks ahead as this, healing process is growing deeper?

Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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