Do You Need Forgiveness, Acceptance or Allowing?


This article makes heavy use of hypnotic language patterns which are designed to, induce a mild state of confusion now, in order to, open the mind, naturally now, to suggestive ideas. Confusion is highly hypnotic and is one of the easiest ways to, open the mind naturally, to suggestive ideas and, create positive changes now.

Confusion can, easily destabilize problem thinking now, and can, allow effortless changes now, to take place. Confusion is one of many doors into, you’re unconscious, mind, now. If you do not, really want to now, change today, then you should, read, no, further now. If however, you are brave enough, to, allow positive changes today, then, read on, now.

If, for some strange reason, you’d rather hold on to your problems, then you should stop reading now. If, however, you’re feeling curious now, about how it is that hypnosis can help you to, automatically make positive changes now, in your thinking and behavior that can help you to, reach your goals more easily now, then, you’re in the right place now.

You may notice that this hypnotic language is so powerful and the changes that it creates in thinking and behavior come, so easily and naturally now, that even if you were to try to resist, you are unable to do so. Feel free to try as hard as you like to resist the hypnotic process here.  It’s fine.  You can fight against the beneficial effects and positive changes which are coming now if you really want to. Go ahead and see for yourself how little a difference it makes.

Because these language patterns may make this a difficult read, I recommend reading through at least three times to, give yourself the chance, to, make sense of the confusion. When you, find yourself changing, now easily, naturally and automatically for the better, you will, be glad you did.

Here we are yet again getting into the realm of sophisticated concepts and subtle distinctions. It may be that the way that you use these words is subtly different that the way I do. It’s entirely possible that there is something in the way that I’m explaining this that you struggle with simply because of the limitations of language. Look for the truths beyond the limitations of language. You are smart enough to grasp that deeper meaning and to find the way to rephrase what I’m saying in a way that makes sense to you.

I draw a line between forgiveness and acceptance. Forgiveness does indeed involve a kind of acceptance. When my five year old misbehaves, I do forgive him. Even while he’s misbehaving, I forgive him. I accept that he’s five and that he has a lot to learn. I accept that it’s nobodies fault that he doesn’t fully understand or appreciate the value of studying and responsibility. I understand, accept and recognize that he’d much rather play and I don’t blame him for that. Because of this forgiveness I am able to remain calm when he misbehaves. I’m not upset by his misbehavior. It just is.

But, I still do something about it. I don’t allow misbehavior to continue. I often have to impose consequences in order to prevent the misbehavior that may well lead to problems for him in the future. I remain calm and i speak with the “Booming Voice of Authority” which lets him know he’d better follow instructions or he’ll lose out on something fun that he’d enjoy.

I love, I forgive, I accept; but, I do not allow the behavior. I allow him to be who his is and I accept him as he is. I love him as he is and I forgive him for his mistakes. But, I actively work to correct the mistakes and to help him understand why they are mistakes.

I have no desire to cause him suffering or distress; and yet, I recognize that sometimes the best way to protect him from his own ignorance is to cause him a little bit of distress now.

I accept his behavior. I forgive him for it. But, I do not allow it to continue unchallenged.

There are other times when he makes a mistake when I just let it go. Not every mistake needs to be corrected immediately or at all. Often, the best way for him to learn is to have the freedom to make his own mistakes and suffer the natural consequences. By allowing this freedom, he learns how to learn on his own. Some misbehavior is simply to be tolerated until he is old enough to be able to grasp why its a problem.

I will, at times, allow him to argue and I give him the space to challenge my authority. I have no interest in crushing his beautiful, independent spirit. I like that he challenges me; because it means he’s strong and that strength is something he needs if he’s to create the life he wants for himself when he’s older and wiser. But, I also recognize that there are times to allow argument and times to calmly and firmly put my foot down.

Life is a balancing act. Love it as it is. Appreciate it’s intricacies. Appreciate the subtle distinctions between situations and use your best judgment. If you look for the subtle differences, in time you will learn to recognize them. You can find the way. You are smart enough, even if not necessarily experienced enough, yet.

Let yourself learn wisdom through the process of life. You have natural intelligence and creativity. Use them. Live your life and trust that every experience teaches you something of value. There is something within you that is, learning, now. There is something wise, within you, now, which allows you to analyze your experiences and, find the path of wisdom, now.

You can make good choices. You can also make bad choices, experience the pain that they bring, and learn from them. If it leads to learning and allows you to, make better choices, now, and in the future, is it really a bad choice? Perhaps, from this angle, there are no bad choices. There are always choices that have undesirable consequences though! But, there are no bad choices.

And, perhaps, you can, treat yourself with the same kind of love that I show my little one. You can, be the wise and loving parent to yourself, now. You can forgive regardless, accept where you are regardless; and do your best to, discern, now, whether you should allow yourself to continue the behavior or, make a change, now.

How is it that you can also, have this same authority, now, to decide what you will and will not allow from the people in your life? How is it that you can, discern, now, what behaviors are best accepted and allowed and what you need to, oppose with a calm sense of authority and conviction. How is that that by, forgiving and accepting unconditionally, now, you are more able to, remain calm in challenging situations, now, and, more clearly discern the truth, now, about how it is that you can, respond appropriately, now, to the many varied situations that life brings you?

How is it that your, growing capacity for forgiveness and acceptance, now, is allowing you to, calmly make wise choices, now?  How is it that you are naturally able to, stand up for yourself without becoming upset, now, since you are, learning even more deeply, now, how to love unconditionally, to, accept easily, naturally and automatically, now?  Will you find that the, greater calm, that, you’re experiencing, now, is bringing you, greater peace of mind, today?  How is it that, you are finding now, that this, calmness, now, you are feeling, is being, applied naturally, now, by, you’re unconscious, in new situations which used to cause you to become upset?  How much, calmer, now, are you, becoming today, and, more now, by the day as this, unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance, now, that you are, learning unconsciously, now, is able to so, easily manifest in your thinking and behavior, today?

How is it that your, deeper calmness, now, is so easily allowing you to, make wiser choices, now, which bring you, more joy in your life today?  How is it that this, calmness you are finding within now, is, coming so naturally, now, and allowing you to act with, greater discernment and wisdom; and, what is it that means that as, you’re learning unconsciously now, you are, effortlessly making wiser choices, today, and, more deeply now, with every day that passes?

How is it that this, unconditional love you are finding within you, is, creating now, such wonderful, changing now for the better, for you?  How easily, effortless and natural are you, finding now, that these, deep changes now, are happening, within you more, which allow you to, act with greater maturity, wisdom and discernment today and every day, now?  How good does it feel for you, now, as, this is happening automatically, for you?  How wonderful is it that, you’re unconscious, is able to use this hypnotic process to, learn automatically now, and, create even more positive changes, today and every day?


Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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