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This article makes heavy use of hypnotic language patterns which are designed to, induce a mild state of confusion now, in order to, open the mind, naturally now, to suggestive ideas. Confusion is highly hypnotic and is one of the easiest ways to, open the mind naturally, to suggestive ideas and, create positive changes now.

Confusion can, easily destabilize problem thinking now, and can, allow effortless changes now, to take place. Confusion is one of many doors into, you’re unconscious, mind, now. If you do not, really want to now, change today, then you should, read, no, further now. If however, you are brave enough, to, allow positive changes today, then, read on, now.

If, for some strange reason, you’d rather hold on to your problems, then you should stop reading now. If, however, you’re feeling curious now, about how it is that hypnosis can help you to, automatically make positive changes now, in your thinking and behavior that can help you to, reach your goals more easily now, then, you’re in the right place now.

You may notice that this hypnotic language is so powerful and the changes that it creates in thinking and behavior come, so easily and naturally now, that even if you were to try to resist, you are unable to do so. Feel free to try as hard as you like to resist the hypnotic process here. It’s fine. You can fight against the beneficial effects and positive changes which are coming now if you really want to. Go ahead and see for yourself how little a difference it makes.

Because these language patterns may make this a difficult read, I recommend reading through at least three times to, give yourself the chance, to, make sense of the confusion. When you, find yourself changing, now easily, naturally and automatically for the better, you will, be glad you did.


Have you noticed how little children are always asking, “Why?”  I imagine, though I suppose I could be mistaken, that you were a child once, right?  And, at some point, you felt this, relentless curiosity, within now.  There is something, deeper within, which simply loves to, learn more now, about the world.  Can you, find this now, within yourself, this part of you that loves to learn and has always loved to learn?

And, as a child now, you may, remember intuitively, the way it is that children are, naturally fearless, about, learning new things now.  You may be able to, remember, a specific incident when your parents told you that you weren’t ready for something; when, perhaps, they told you that something would give you nightmares.  But, for a curious, child now, you didn’t believe them.  You just, want to know now, whatever it is that reality holds.

Can you, remember now, how it feels when, you’re feeling this natural, fearlessness that comes with, loving learning?  Can you, get a sense now, of how you feel, within now, when, you’re feeling this love of learning, which, know no fear now?  What’s it like when, you’re feeling this love now, of, learning so deeply, that any, fear and hesitation are simply forgotten now?  How, calm now, are you, feeling it now, when, feeling this love of learning, deeply within now?  How is it that, you are able to feel sure of yourself, and of, you’re able to handle it, when you just, want to know more, and, you’re feeling this burning curiosity now?

What’s it like for you as, you’re remembering, you’re naturally curious now, and when, you’re finding within, this, deeper curiosity, how is it that the, desire to learn now, burns so brightly, within you now?  And when, you’re feeling this curiosity, just how, fearless now, are you able to, feel more by the moment, as this, burning curiosity now, is filling your mind and you are able to, forget the fear now, that you once learned and which had been holding you back.

How does it feel, now, within yourself, as, you are accessing your natural curiosity now?  How does your body, feel more deeply now, when, you are able, to, remember your natural, burning curiosity now, which is naturally able to, propel yourself towards knowledge now?  What’s it like to, feel fearless now, when, you are considering deeply, all the things that you can, learn now, about life?  What’s it like when, you are so focused now, on this, deep love of learning now, within you more deeply still, which brings with it this, natural confidence now, that, you can learn, and which somehow knows that, you can handle the truth?

What’s it like when, you are remembering now, how to, allow the desire to learn, to burn brightly, within you more deeply now, that you, feel as a child now, and how is it for you when, you’re feeling this now, and you’ve got this, fearlessness now, about learning even truths that would scare other people?  How much are you, finding now, that, you’re naturally curious, about life and about those things which you can, learn now more deeply, about the world and about yourself?

What is it about this fearlessness that, you are feeling now, about, learning more deeply, that is most appealing to you?  Is it that you, know now, how much more are you feeling now, you are able to learn, when you are, letting go completely, of those fears that you once learned?  And how is it that, you’re natural burning curiosity now, which is, allowing you now to forget about the fears that you once learned; but, which you can, forget now, as, you’re learning now, how to, remember your own natural curiosity, which allows you to, absorb knowledge like a sponge now, and propels you to, transcend limitations now, by simply, forgetting fear more?

And as, you’re feeling this fearlessness now, which comes when, you’re naturally curious, and, you have this, deeper love of learning now, within you more deeply, what is it that this, burning curiosity you are feeling now, is allowing you to, more easily learn now, which is of the most benefit to you?  What is it that, you want to know now, which you may have felt some hesitation about really, diving in to learning now; but, which you, know now, more intuitively, that you can, readily absorb new knowledge, with that ability to, absorb new knowledge like a sponge, that you had as a child and that, you are finding this, within you more deeply now?

How is it now, do you think, that when, you’re burning with curiosity, you are able to commit yourself, so, easily and naturally now, to, learning more, of those things that, you really want to know now?  How are you, finding more today, that this, natural burning curiosity, within you more deeply, is allowing you to, seek out knowledge now, and to really, learn more deeply, those things that are of great value to you, now?

As this, burning desire to, learn more deeply now, is coming, more deeply still, to life, within you more, deeply now, how is it that, for you, you are able to, feel this desire now, which is, filling you completely now, with the, love of learning now, growing stronger, within you now?

How much, do you think, that, you are finding it now, that as, you’re feeling this love of learning, deep within you now, that, you are naturally able, to, learn quickly and easily, even those things which, you used to struggle, to learn; but, which when, you’re feeling this, love of learning now growing stronger, you are able to focus and retain, even that knowledge which, you used to struggle now, with?

How is it that as this, natural curiosity now, that, you are feeling more, is, growing even stronger now, and, you’re able to retain more easily now, what, you are learning now, which is of great benefit to you?  And when, you’re burning with this curiosity now, and, you are finding yourself, feeling this deep love of learning now, which is propelling you, naturally towards knowledge now, and, you are learning more easily, those things that are of the most interest to you, how is it that for you, you’re learning like a sponge, is making it so that, you are able now, to much more, easily reach your learning goals now?  What is it that, you are learning more easily now, that, you used to struggle, to understand; but which, now you grasp easily and intuitively?

And now as, you’re learning easily, like a child now, with this, deep burning curiosity and this, deeper love of learning now, which is able to, propel yourself naturally towards new understanding, and allowing you to, even more deeply now, intuitively understand, those things that, you are learning now, how much easier is it that, you are finding it now, to, naturally spend more time studying, those things that you, care deeply about learning now?  How much are you, finding today now, that your, deeper love of learning now, is, growing stronger still, and leading you to, naturally spend more time studying now?

When, you are noticing, that, you have this, deeper appreciation of, learning now, and, you are naturally finding that you, study more now, how is it that with this, deeper appreciation for learning now, you are able, to, learn much more rapidly now?  How much, is it now, that, you are finding you learn more easily today, and that, your time studying is, more joy, for you, today?  With your newly, rediscovering now, ability to, absorb knowledge like a sponge, that you had, as a child now, and which, you are finding now, within you deeper, how much is it that, you are finding now, that your, rapid ability to learn now, is improving your life for you, today?

And since you, have it now, this, even deeper love of learning now, within you more deeply, and, you are able to find yourself, motivated and energized now, when, you are studying enthusiastically more, today, how is it that it feels for you now when, you are studying almost obsessively?  How good does it feel to, just study, with an almost, ravenous intensity now, which allows you to, deeply enjoy your studies, and, feel ever deeper satisfaction now, in every moment that, you are learning something?  How is it that when, you’re feeling this now, this, deep hunger for learning now, and, you find your mind completely focused, on your studies that, you are able to naturally forget, about those things that, used to distract you, but which now, you know it, that those, old distractions you’re forgetting, are, gone now, when, you are fully focused on learning.

How is it that for you now, you are able, focus now, with such, deeper intensity now, when, you’re studying more, that all, distractions are forgotten now?  What’s it like for you, now, when, you’re so focused, that, you just naturally forget, about all those old things which only seemed like they mattered; but, which, now you know, you can forget easily, as, you are able to indulge your, deeper desire for learning now.  How enjoyable is it for you, now, to, become deeply focused now, on, learning deeply, with, this ravenous hunger for knowledge now, within you deeply, and how, deeply satisfied now, are, you’re really feeling it, when, you just let go, and, allow your love of learning, to pull you, naturally now, into this, state of focus now, where, you are easily forgetting distractions now?

With this, natural hyper-focus now, which comes so much, even easier still, when, you are studying obsessively now, and, you are learning so easily, how surprised are you feeling when, you’re ability to recall is multiplied now?  How much are you, finding it now, within you deeply, that, you recall more information, easily and intuitively now?  Will you be feeling very surprised when, you are really finding it now, that, your ability to learn is growing even stronger now?  How much are you, finding it now, that this, hyper-focus now, that you are, naturally finding now, within you, growing deeper, and the sheer, enjoyment now, that, you are finding it, in, studying more every day, is, bringing, deep joy now, in, learning new things today?

And, you know now, don’t you?, those things that have always been, deeply now, interesting to you and which, you are finding now, such, deeper enjoyment now, in, studying what you love more, that is bringing you such, deeper joy and satisfaction in studying now, than you had ever found in indulging those distractions which you now, know, they’re meaningless for you?  What’s it like, now, as with this, deeper appreciation still, which you are finding, more now, within you deeper, is, allowing now, this, deep change in thinking now, which brings even, more joy and satisfaction now, to you in your life, today?

When, you’re obsessively studying now, and, you’re finding it pleasurable now, to just, forget everything else, as you, sink deeper now, into this, natural state of hyper-focus now, which brings you this, deeper joy and satisfaction in, learning now, more deeply, more easily, and which is, magnifying now, you’re able to recall easily, and, more intuitively, grasping your knowledge now, do you feel, more love now, when, you’re studying even more today, or is it that, you’re finding that you focus easily, more now, when, you are noticing that, you are studying passionately?  Just think about that for a moment.  Is it, more love now, that, you are really feeling it, when, you are studying passionately now?  Or is it the, joy and satisfaction now, that, you are noticing now, when, you are studying more, today?

How is it that these, changes now, that, you are creating, within you more deeply now, are, manifesting now, for you today?  Just how much has your, deeper love of learning now, already begun to, transform your life in positive ways now, today?  What is it that you will, dive into, learning now, more deeply still, with this, deeper appreciation for learning now?  What is it, precisely, that you, want to study now?  How much, more motivated you are feeling, to, relentlessly pursue knowledge now?  How is it that this, hunger for knowledge within you now, which is, awakened fully, is, driving you now, to, learn more today?

And when, you’re feeling this drive to, learn now, more deeply, how much, even more energy now, do you, feel it now, growing stronger, when, you’re feeling energized by learning now?  How is it that this, hunger for learning now, within you deeper,  is bringing you, automatically now, this, more intense level of energy now, when, you are hyper-focused on learning now?  Do you yet know just how much, more energy you have now, when, you are focused on learning, more deeply, automatically and intuitively?  Are you feeling, excited now, about the possibilities for how, you’re learning more easily now, is really, transforming you now, for the better?

So, with this, more energy now, that, you’re unconscious, is, creating now, within you deeper still, and this, natural enthusiasm you’re feeling now, for, learning more today, fully ingrained now, in, you’re unconscious, you can, come out of trance now, with, all of this more, energy and focus now, and this, deeper love of learning, that, you’re really feeling now.

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