Mind Quake


This article makes heavy use of hypnotic language patterns which are designed to, induce a mild state of confusion now, in order to, open the mind, naturally now, to suggestive ideas. Confusion is highly hypnotic and is one of the easiest ways to, open the mind naturally, to suggestive ideas and, create positive changes now.

Confusion can, easily destabilize problem thinking now, and can, allow effortless changes now, to take place. Confusion is one of many doors into, you’re unconscious, mind, now. If you do not, really want to now, change today, then you should, read, no, further now. If however, you are brave enough, to, allow positive changes today, then, read on, now.

If, for some strange reason, you’d rather hold on to your problems, then you should stop reading now. If, however, you’re feeling curious now, about how it is that hypnosis can help you to, automatically make positive changes now, in your thinking and behavior that can help you to, reach your goals more easily now, then, you’re in the right place now.

You may notice that this hypnotic language is so powerful and the changes that it creates in thinking and behavior come, so easily and naturally now, that even if you were to try to resist, you are unable to do so. Feel free to try as hard as you like to resist the hypnotic process here. It’s fine. You can fight against the beneficial effects and positive changes which are coming now if you really want to. Go ahead and see for yourself how little a difference it makes.

Because these language patterns may make this a difficult read, I recommend reading through at least three times to, give yourself the chance, to, make sense of the confusion. When you, find yourself changing, now easily, naturally and automatically for the better, you will, be glad you did.


Note: While this hypnotic article is designed to, create generalized, sweeping positive changes, it probably isn’t going to, create positive changes now, all at once.  You’ve had a lifetime to learn and to create your problems and you’re not likely going to, remove all your problems now, at once.  Sweeping changes tend to be, slower now.  But, this article can, destabilize your problem thinking now, and, trigger positive changes.  Repetition is the key to, find success now, here.

What is it in your mind that doesn’t really serve you?  What is there that you’d, be better off now, without holding on to?  What is there that by, releasing now, you are able to, find greater peace, within you, more deeply now?

You can, imagine now, that there is a place, within you now, which is like a ciry, can you not?  Imagine that now, that all of your problems are this City of Sorrows, all collected in one place, now.  Maybe, you can visualize it; or, maybe, for you, you imagine this now, in some other way.  But, whatever way that, you are imagining this now, which is right for you, its fine.  How does it feel for now as you are imagining this City of Sorrows, within you now?  Can you, get a sense now, of how your Ciry of Sorrows looks?  Can you, perhaps, see the skyline?  Can you, imagine now, that this City of Sorrows, has high rise office building; but, that, they look dirty, old and decayed.  Can you, see the slums now, in this City of Sorrows, within you now?

And as, you’re imagining this now, can you also, imagine now, that this City of Sorrows is, experiencing an earthquake now.  Imagine now, that, you are experiencing a Mind Quake now, which is, shaking apart now, this City of Sorrows.  Imagine now, that something, within you now more deeply, is, shaking your City of Sorrows apart.  Imagine this now, that, some powerful force within you now, is, shaking apart this City of Sorrows, within you now, this Mind Quake, which, you’re experiencing, is bringing, down now, the towers of Sorrow.  The slums of Sorrow are, being reduced now, to rubble.  The City of Sorrows, within you, is being destroyed now, by this, powerful unconscious force, this Mind Quake, which is, destabilizing all your problems now.

Can you, feel something now, within you, as, this is happening now?  Is there some, strange sensation now, in your body that, you can notice it, lets you, know now, that, this Mind Quake is happening now?  What are you, feeling now, as, you’re experiencing this, Mind Quake now?  Do you feel, something, within you, shaking now?  Is there some, peculiar sensation now, as this, Mind Quake now, is, destroying the Ciry of Sorrows?  What does it feel like as, your problems are being destabilized?  What can you, feel now, as some of, your problems are being utterly destroyed now?

How does it, feel now, within you, as this, Mind Quake now, is leveling your City of Sorrows?  How do you feel now, in this moment, as those towers of Sorrow are, collapsing now, to dust?  How does it feel as, you can, get this sense now, that, your problems are being reduced now, to rubble?  Is it that now, all your problems are less serious?  Or are you, finding it now, that only one problem that, had been serious, is less so?  How vast is the, devastation now, in this City of Sorrows?  Can you, get this sense now, that the City of Sorrows has been, utterly destroyed now?

What, problems are gone now, as a result of this, Mind Quake now?  What is it that the collapsing towers represent?  What do the slums, being reduced to rubble, represent for you?  How is it that, your unconscious, is interpreting, this experience now?  What are you, experiencing this now, within you more deeply, as, your old sorrows are reduced, more thoroughly destroyed now, in this Mind Quake?

And, of course, in this aftermath of this, devastation now for the City of Sorrows, there come cleaning crews.  Imagine now, that, there are cleaning crews coming now, to, clear away the ruins, within you now.  Imagine now, for a moment, that these, cleaning crews now, are, you’re unconscious, minds ability to, forget now, about those things that, you used to believe them, but which, you can see clearly now, weren’t really true.

What fears are, you’re able to forget, about feeling anymore?  What, anger is gone now, within now, you’re unconscious?  How is it that your, cleaning crews now are removing, the, fading resentments now, which, used to be a problem now, but which, now you are finding yourself free, of?  How is it that, you are feeling now, this, healing process within, which is, allow yourself to heal now?  What pain that, you used to harbor it, but, now you are releasing?

What’s it like to just, let your sorrows fade now, as, you’re unconscious, mind is bringing these, cleaning crews now, to, clear away the sorrows, that, you used to hold them; but, which, now you are finding it, that, its easy to let go now, of the, old pain you used to have?  How thoroughly are those, cleaning crews now, within you deeply, working hard for you to, clear away old thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you?

Can you, picture now, or simply, get a sense within you, of how those, cleaning crews now, are, clearing away the past sorrows now?  Do those, cleaning crews now, hard at work, within you now, look like an ordinary construction crew?  Can you, imagine this now, that these, cleaning crews hard at work, within you more deeply now, are driving bulldozers to, clear away the rubble of the past?  What is it that is being, clearing it away now?  What rubble is being, cleared away now, as, you’re unconscious now, cleaning crews within you, are, safely removing past sorrows now?

How is it that with this, sense now, of these, cleaning crews hard at work, within you now, you are able to, simply relax now, and just, allow now, you’re unconscious, mind to do the hard work for you?  How, deeply relaxed now, are, you are naturally feeling now, as, you are able now, to, just let it happen now, and, you’re unconscious, mind is, easily clearing away now, old patterns of thought, feeling and behavior which, you have grown beyond?

And, now, as, you are allowing this to happen, what sensations can you notice?  As, you’re unconscious, is doing the work for you and, you’re able to just, focus now, on, feeling deeper relaxation, while, you are allowing now, these, cleaning crews now, within you, to, clear away the old sorrows, how do you, feel relaxed now, within you more deeply now?  What’s it like when, you’re relaxing deeply now, and, simply allow, you’re unconscious, cleaning crews working now, to, clear away old unneeded sorrows now?

How much, better, does it, feel now, as, you’re finding greater peace now, within you more deeply, because these, unconscious now, cleaning crews are working now, to, clear away your sorrows now?  Are you yet, aware now, of, how good it feels now, when, you’re becoming more free now, of the old burdens of the past that, you used to carry now?

And, did you know that you can, just relax now, for as long as you’d like and just, allow now, you’re unconscious, cleaning crews now, within you, to, clear away more of that old sorrow?  How long will you, simply relax now, as, you’re unconscious, mind is doing this, healing work now?  How long will you, simply drift, enjoying the peaceful feelings now, within you more deeply, until, you are getting the sense, that this, healing work now, within you, deeper still, is done?  How long will you, enjoy this relaxation, before coming out of trance, feeling lighter and freer?

When you are done with this, deep relaxation now, which is, allowing now, you’re unconscious, to, clear away old sorrows, and, you’re feeling lighter and freer today, how much, more energy now, are you, finding now within you?  With this, lightness now, that you are, finding within, and, you’re free from stress now, how much, more calm now, are you, finding now within you, which means that, you have more energy today?  Did you know that when, you’re feeling calm now, it means that, you aren’t wasting energy on worry, and so, you have more energy now, to do what you want?  Isn’t it amazing that this, natural healing process now, is, allowing now, you to, feel lighter and freer, and bringing you this, deeper calm now within, which, naturally now, is bringing you, even more energy today?

When, you are finding it now, that, you’re feeling more energy today, because of this, deep calmness within, that comes with this, natural relaxation you are feeling now, how is it for you when you are able to look back on reading this and know that, this is happening now, and that, you’re unconscious, really as been, clearing away old sorrows now, for you?

How long, do you think, it will be now, after you’re done reading that, you are finding it, that, you know this is working, and, you are able to feel this, deeper peace now, within you more deeply now?  What will you be doing, do you think, when, you are realizing now, that, this is working, and, you’re unconscious, has, clear away more sorrows now, for you?

And when, you are finding it now, that, you are automatically happier now, because, you’re free of the past more now, and, you’re feeling greater peace within, and, deeper joy now, in, simply living your life, what is it that you are doing with your life?  What is it that, you are noticing now, as these, deep changes within now, are, manifesting even more deeply now?  Is it that your life is much the same; but, the way you feel about life has changed now?  Is there something that you have wanted to do and, were unable to before now, that you, suddenly find more motivation now, to, create the life you want, and, make your dreams come true now?

What is it that you will do with the, greater freedom you have now?

What is it that you will, choose to create, with the gift of life you have?

How is it that in, more freedom and peace now, you are more capable now, than you used to believe?

Just how much will you, choose to create now, with the, awesome creativity now, within you, more available now, because you have, find healing happening now?


Thank you for reading!


-Adam Coles-
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