It’s Not Your Job


This article makes heavy use of hypnotic language patterns which are designed to, induce a mild state of confusion now, in order to, open the mind, naturally now, to suggestive ideas. Confusion is highly hypnotic and is one of the easiest ways to, open the mind naturally, to suggestive ideas and, create positive changes now.

Confusion can, easily destabilize problem thinking now, and can, allow effortless changes now, to take place. Confusion is one of many doors into, you’re unconscious, mind, now. If you do not, really want to now, change today, then you should, read, no, further now. If however, you are brave enough, to, allow positive changes today, then, read on, now.

If, for some strange reason, you’d rather hold on to your problems, then you should stop reading now. If, however, you’re feeling curious now, about how it is that hypnosis can help you to, automatically make positive changes now, in your thinking and behavior that can help you to, reach your goals more easily now, then, you’re in the right place now.

You may notice that this hypnotic language is so powerful and the changes that it creates in thinking and behavior come, so easily and naturally now, that even if you were to try to resist, you are unable to do so. Feel free to try as hard as you like to resist the hypnotic process here. It’s fine. You can fight against the beneficial effects and positive changes which are coming now if you really want to. Go ahead and see for yourself how little a difference it makes.

Because these language patterns may make this a difficult read, I recommend reading through at least three times to, give yourself the chance, to, make sense of the confusion. When you, find yourself changing, now easily, naturally and automatically for the better, you will, be glad you did.


When you get a cut, do you consciously decide to heal?  No, right?  That’s ridiculous.  You know that your body has an automatic, unconscious process, within you, which takes care of that for you.  You mostly just forget about that cut and let your body handle it.  You may take a few steps: washing it off, putting neosporin and a nadage on it; but, often, when you have a cut, you simply shrug it off and go about your day and trust implicitly that your body will heal when it heals.

You know that there’s no rushing it.  It happens when it happens.  It happens, automatically now.  You’re unconscious now, takes care of it; and, you can, forget now about trying.  There’s nothing you need to do consciously.  Healing now, is not the job of the conscious mind.  It’s OK now, to just, forget for a little while, about consciously taking responsibility.

The same principle applies to psychological, healing now.  It’s best to just assume that, something else is doing the job now, something, within you.  What is it that’s, within you now, that has the power to, automatically heal.  What is it that brings, insight and clarity now?  What is it that brings, serenity now, to the mind and allows you, now, to, just forget, those things that you need to forget?  How is it that, you are healing now?  Did you know that you are, healing deeply every moment now, and that all you need to do is, remember now, that there is something beside the conscious mind that is doing, you’re healing now, for you?

You know those things that have been causing you trouble, don’t you?  Is it possible that there is something, within you now, something, deep down, within you more deeply, in, you’re unconscious, that already knows how to, resolve your issues now?  Is it that, perhaps, by trying so hard consciously, you’ve been getting in the way, of this, unconscious process now, within you, which already, have the answers now, within you?

Can you, simply surrender now, the illusion of conscious control, in the same way that, you know you’re not in control, of the, automatic process, which heals a cut?  Is that really so difficult?  You already know how to, surrender control, and, allow now, you’re unconscious, to do this, healing now, for you, don’t you?  It’s not some strange mystical skill that takes decades of purification, is it?  Letting go now, is easy, isn’t it?  Simply, allowing yourself to forget now, about the problems and allowing, you’re unconscious, to do the work.  Simply, trusting more now, in this power, within you, more deeply still, which is, healing now, the body and the mind.

And, just as you didn’t, choose to grow up, to grow taller when you were small, this, inner process now, is, taking care of it, for you.  Just as you don’t, choose to, heal now, when you have a cut.

Have you ever had something on the tip of your tongue?  Something that you knew that you knew, but you couldn’t seem to remember?  And then, when you, just forget for a while, about thinking about it, you find now, that, the answers come to you, in a flash as something, deep within you, continues pondering, making connections, processing deeply, until the, answers come to you.  It’s when you, stop trying now, that, you’re unconscious, can get on with doing its job without the conscious mind getting in the way.

No amount of struggle or strain can make a child, grow up faster now, can it?  Growth comes naturally, automatically, guided from within, regardless of the conscious mind.  Healing comes from,within you now; from something, inside now, which is able to, manifest beneficial changes, automatically now.

And so, all you need to do, now, as the conscious mind is, let go, forget now, about even trying to remain in control.  Just, know now, that there is something, deeper still, within you now, which is, healing now, and which somehow, knows the way already.  Let this, deeper part of yourself, do the work for you, now, allow now, you’re unconscious, to, bring healing now, to the conscious.  Allow now, you’re unconscious, to, remember now, what you need to remember now; and to, forget completely, what you need to forget.  Allow this now, this creative, unconscious, part of you, to guide your thinking for a while.  Just relax.  Take a break.  Let, your mind wanders, where it will.  Allow, insights now, to spontaneously arise, within, you’re calm and peaceful, conscious mind.  Let, healing thoughts now coming, which, reveal the truth to yourself.

And I don’t know what it is that, you’re unconscious, mind knows that you don’t yet know consciously.  How could I?  But, there is something, deep within now, some, unconscious creativity, that really does know what you don’t yet know on a conscious level.  Can you feel the way that, you’re connecting now, with this, inner wisdom now, which already has the answers you need?  Are you aware of how, you’re unconscious, creativity now, is already running?  How simply by becoming, more aware now, of the fact that this, deeper level of awareness, exists you start to, get out of your own way?

Have you yet been able to, get this sense, that, you’re unconscious, has something it wants you to know?  Can you, feel this feeling, that there is, something wise within you, which wants to, communicate now, some insight, some clarity, some understanding, some truth, that you had not yet realized; but, which, you are beginning to realize, now?  How does it feel when, you’re getting this sense?  What is it that, you are realizing now?  What is it that, you’re unconscious, wants you to know consciously that you hadn’t been aware that, you know it, but that, you’re becoming more aware now, that, you already know it now, within you?

Are you already, realizing now, what it is that, you’re unconscious, wants you to know?  Is that answer, already there, already ready, already within you now, just beneath the surface now?  I wonder, will this answer you need become fully available to the conscious mind before your done reading?  Or, perhaps, will you discover consciously the answer that you already, know unconsciously, when you’re done reading and go about your day?  Just what is it that, you are realizing now?  What is it that, you’re unconscious, want you to know that is of benefit to you now?

Is it some insight about your life?  Is it some change in thinking that you can easily make now?  Is it some deeper awareness of the blessings in your life?  Is it that, you are stronger and more capable, than you have imagined that you are?  What is it that you are realizing, now?  How is this healing insight allowing you to, make positive changes now, in your life?  How is it helping you to, go forward now, with, even greater love now, for yourself and for the gift of life that you have?

Just what are you realizing now?  Is it only one thing?  Or does that, deeper part of you, which is, responding automatically now, to suggestions and bringing you, deeper insight and clarity, into your life, have, many insights now, to bring to the conscious mind?  When you, realize all these things, consciously that you already know, unconsciously now, and you find yourself, changing naturally now, because of this, greater wisdom, that, you’re finding now, within you, how do you think it is that, you’re life is changing for the better now?

Is the thing that, you’re realizing now, that something that you thought was a problem, really isn’t?  Perhaps, you are finding now, that something that you thought was serious, really isn’t as serious as you once believed.  Or, perhaps, are you, aware now, on this, deep unconscious level, that there is some fear or other limiting attitude that, you’re outgrowing it now?

How is your, deeper unconscious now, working for you to, bring insights and clarity, to the conscious mind?  How does it feel as, this is happening now, and you are able to, realize now, that you don’t have to take as much responsibility for your healing as you once thought; because, you know now that there is this, inner wisdom now, this, deep creativity, which is, now, and has always been a part of you, which you can, trust more, in your own, unconscious now, to bring you the answers you need?

And, when, you’re trusting now, you’re unconscious now, to really do the healing work for you and, you’re realizing now, that it’s just not the job of the conscious mind to figure everything out; but, that, it’s OK, because, you have this now, this, deeper unconscious understanding, within you now, more deeply, which is able to, guide you now, and support you.  Have you realized yet this this, inner wisdom now, within you, has been with you your whole life?  Whether or not you’re realized it or not, there has always been something wise, within you now, which, supports you now more fully.  And, that though you may not have listened to it, it’s always there, and, it’s always been there.

Now, as, you’re learning now, to, trust your unconscious more, you may find that, you have more intuitive understanding now, because simply by, remembering now, you’re unconscious, you, build a deeper connection now, with this part of you, within now, which has really done all your understanding for you anyway.  And as the conscious mind is, learning now, to, get out of your own way, and, allow unconscious wisdom now, to surface more easily throughout the day and so, you’re getting more intuitive now, and becoming, more able now to see clearly, those things that you didn’t notice because the conscious mind was filtering too much; but, those filters are removed now, and, your natural perceptive abilities, can surface.  Because, you’re unconscious, always has seen more and taken in more information than the conscious can process and, you’re building this deeper connection now, with your own unconscious mind, you can, have more intuitive flashes of understanding now.

And, of course, you may find that, you suddenly know things now, that you didn’t know that you knew; because, you’re unconscious, is, now, making what, you’ve learned, that you didn’t know you had learned more available to the conscious portions of the mind.  Isn’t that a nice thing to know?  Aren’t you glad that, you’re learning now, to, more fully trust your intuition, because you are, more aware now, that there are vast resources, within you now, that are working, now, to, improve your life now, in countless little ways?

Thank you for reading!


-Adam Coles-
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