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This article makes heavy use of, powerfully hypnotic, language patterns which are designed to, induce a mild state of confusion now, in order to, open the mind, naturally now, to suggestive ideas. Confusion is highly hypnotic and is one of the easiest ways to, open the mind naturally, to suggestive ideas and, create positive changes now.

Confusion can, easily destabilize problem thinking now, and can, allow effortless changes now, to take place. Confusion is one of many doors into, you’re unconscious, mind, now. If you do not, really want to now, change today, then you should, read, no, further now. If however, you are brave enough, to, allow positive changes today, then, read on, now.

If, for some strange reason, you’d rather hold on to your problems, then you should stop reading now. If, however, you’re feeling curious now, about how it is that hypnosis can help you to, automatically make positive changes now, in your thinking and behavior that can help you to, reach your goals more easily now, then, you’re in the right place now.

You may notice that this hypnotic language is so powerful and the changes that it creates in thinking and behavior come, so easily and naturally now, that even if you were to try to resist, you are unable to do so. Feel free to try as hard as you like to resist the hypnotic process here. It’s fine. You can fight against the beneficial effects and positive changes which are coming now if you really want to. Go ahead and see for yourself how little a difference it makes.

Because these language patterns may make this a difficult read, I recommend reading through at least three times to, give yourself the chance, to, make sense of the confusion. When you, find yourself changing, now easily, naturally and automatically for the better, you will, be glad you did.


What if there were a place, within you now, which is capable of, feeling unconditional love?  What if, perhaps, you can find this love, just by thinking about it.  Can you, imagine now, being able to, find love, within you now?  Can you, get the sense now, that it’s possible for you, to, allow this now, to, allow yourself to, feel deep love now, just by thinking it, just by, imagining now, that this, deep love, already exists, within you now, and that by, simply looking within now, you are able to find this, love now, within you.

What would it be like, do you think, if you were able to, simply look now, within your heart, and, find yourself feeling now, deep love, welling up from inside, from some place, deep down now, within you?  How would, your heart feels now, as, you are finding now, this, deeper love still, within you?  How much love is there, within you now, as you’re, looking within now?

Imagine that, if only for a moment, that you are, connecting now, with this place, inside you more, which is, transcendent love now.  Imagine now, as clearly as you can, that, you can connect now, with this, place of love now, deep within you.  Imagine, how do you, feel now, when, you are able now, to, deeply connect, with this, part of you which you can, find it now, within you, which can, feel love deeply and unconditionally.

Can you, get this sense now, that all you need to do to, connect deeply now, with this, feeling unconditional love now, is to simply, imagine love now, and that the more, you’re imagining now, this, love now, is, within you more, the more you, automatically connect with it now; or, perhaps, that by, imagining now, that, you’re finding this love, within you now, you are, creating this feeling of love now.  Does it matter really whether, you’re finding love now, that has always been there, deep within you, or whether, you’re creating love now, with your powerful imagination?  You can, feel this now, can’t you?  You can, feel more love now, by the moment, the more you read, the more, you’re finding this love now, this, deep feeling of love now, within you, the stronger its growing, isn’t it?.

What’s it like when, you are finding this love, within you now, deep inside, and, you are, allowing yourself now, to, remember this love, within you, that you may have forgotten?  There are those who say that when, you are feeling unconditional love, that it feels like springtime.  Does this feeling, now within, feel like springtime to you?  There are others who say that, finding this love within, feels like, you are coming home now, to a home that you had forgotten.  Are you, getting this sense of familiarity now?  Does it feel, to you now, as if this, love you’re finding now, within you, is more natural to you than any of your problems?  Do you, get this sense now, that when, you’re finding this love, that really, you’re finding your true self?

Have you noticed, yet, that the more, you allow love now, the more you, find healing and wholeness, now, within?

And when you are, remembering now, your own, natural capacity, for, perfect unconditional love now, how do you, feel it now?  How does this, love now, that, you’re finding it, that, you’re feeling love, and you can, feel this love now, in your body?  Can you describe that, sensation of love, that you’re feeling now?  Is it a warmth around you heart?  Is it a lightness?  How would you describe that feeling?

Can you imagine that this, loving feelings now, has a color?  What color is this, loving energy now, that you are feeling?  Is this, love now, within you, that, you can feel it, white or gold or pink?  What color are you aware of as, you’re feeling this love?

And what if that color were to, grow brighter and clearer now?  How does, imagining now, that this color of love that, you’re sensing it now, is growing brighter and clearer, feel now?  Can you, feel this now, that the brighter the colors grow, the stronger, you’re feeling love now, is growing, within you?  What’s it like as the colors that, you’re imagining now, these colors of love, you’re really sensing now, are, growing brighter now?  Have you noticed that as these, colors of love are growing brighter now, that, you’re feeling love, now, within you, grows as well?  How is it, do you think, that the brighter, these colors are growing now, the more, love you are feeling now, and the more, you are feeling this love now, the brighter the colors grow?

And as this, color light of love now, is, glowing brighter still, can you feel the way that those, sensations of love, within you more, those, loving feelings now, spread through your body?  What’s it like as this, love is spreading now, throughout your body?  How are you, doing this now?  How is it, do you think, that, you’re powerful, imaginings now, are, creating now, these, loving feelings within, which are, now spreading powerfully, throughout your body?

What is it, within now, you’re unconscious, that is, creating loving feelings now?  How is it that the more you read about this, love within you now, the, more loving feelings, you’re unconscious, is, creating this love now, for you?

How good does it, feel now, for you as, you’re feeling this love now, spreading throughout your body?  Would you say that these, loving feelings within you now, are, more pleasant feelings, or would you say that, you’re feeling bliss now?  How amazing is it to, feel this love, feel this pleasure, feel this bliss, within you now, as these, pleasant loving feelings now, are, spreading throughout your body?

What if you could, get the sense now, that the only reason your problems seem like problems to you is because you had forgotten how to, look at them with loving eyes now; but, that, you can remember now, in this, space of love now, that there are no problems.  Love doesn’t see problems, does it?  Love sees only beauty, isn’t that right?  And, as, you’re feeling unconditional love now, you can, see beauty and value now, can’t you?

How would you, feel now, if, you are feeling unconditional love, and you, know intuitively now, that when, you are able to remember now, this feeling of, unconditional love within you now, that in this, feeling of love now, there are no problems, only situations?

You can, see now, more clearly, that your problems were only problems because you thought that they were problems and so your thinking of them as problems and imagining that they were problems had been blocking you from, seeing clearly now; but, that as, you’re feeling love now, and, forgetting now, to think of your problems as problems you can remember that they are only situations and by, seeing clearly now, with eyes of love, you can, unblock creativity now, which allows you to, see those situations differently, and to, find the answers now, within you.

Are you aware yet of how it is that, love is healing, for you now?  What is it that you can, see differently now?  How is, remembering love, this natural capacity you have for, unconditional love now, within you, transforming you now, and, allowing now, you to, see life differently now?  Have you noticed one particular thing that you are able to, see differently now, with, eyes of unconditional love?  Have you become aware of a place where, you are more forgiving now, or where, you can see from an others’ perspective, more clearly seeing now, their point of view?  Have you found yourself, forgiving yourself now, for some trespass, some mistake?  Have you been able, yet, to, feel sincerely sorry, for the way some transgression of yours hurt another?

Is this, shift in perspective now, allowing now, you to, see yourself as capable, or perhaps as more, valuable feeling?  Are you aware of how, allowing love now, is, naturally increasing you self esteem, and the, natural esteem for others now, that you have, within you more deeply?  Have you seen yet, the way that this, loving perspective now, allow now, you to, see yourself as capable and creative?  Can you see how what you thought were problems are in, your reality now, are simply opportunities to spread love?

How much are you, growing now, in love?  How much is this one, powerful experience now, of, transformative love, allowing now, a, powerful shift occurs now, within you more deeply now?  How is it that this, unconditional love now, is able to so easily, transform your mind, transform your thought processes, and, allowing now, you to, see more clearly, see with eyes of love now?  Just how much is this, love now, really, unblocking now, your naturally creative, abilities and, allowing now, you to, see wisdom, and, make better choices now, in your life?

Are you, aware now, of how deeply, you have changed now, for the better?  Or, will it, perhaps, take a little while, before, you are becoming aware, of how, deeply now, you are changing, because you are, more connected now, with this, deep unconditional love, within you, now and always?  How does knowing that this, love is within you now, change the way you live your life, for the better?  How much easier is it to, simply remember love, and, find yourself able, to, creatively solve problems now, in loving ways?  What old ways of thinking are, you’re able now, to, effortlessly transcend, and finding yourself now, naturally wiser and more mature?

How is it, do you think, that, now with greater love, you are living in love now, and, seeing more blessings, seeing opportunities, seeing value naturally now?  How is it that as, your heart opens more now, and you are able to, see more clearly, to, see with eyes of love now, and you are, finding now, you’re naturally creative and wise, within you more deeply now, and this wisdom and creativity, which have always been there are, naturally more a part of you now?

Thank you for reading!


-Adam Coles-
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