The Modesty Trap

Have you ever noticed that when people are focused on a dream job, a job that they would probably do even if they didn’t get paid, that they often say, “I don’t even care if I make a lot of money.”?  On the one hand, that’s cool that they know what they want and they know what’s really important to them; but, on the other hand, what’s wrong with wanting to, do what, you love now, AND make a lot of money?

And, this is why modesty is a trap here, which idea brings, more excitement now, living modestly or living fabulously?  Given the choice, which can, feel better now, when you’re thinking about it?  Which is a, more motivation now, building dream?  Which makes, you want to get going, more?  Which dream brings, more energy now, into the moment?  Which dream naturally propels you, forward now, towards your goals?  Which dream are you, more attracted now, to?

Letting go is good.  If you never become a millionaire doing what you love, whatever, you’re still doing what you love.  But, why not, pick the more energizing dream now; and then, wherever you end up is awesome?  Why not, focus now, on the, more attraction now, image?  Let yourself feel, pulled now, towards your dreams.

Excitement is kind of like, emotional fuel now, isn’t it?  Let yourself, get more excited now, when you’re thinking more about what, you want it now, to do.  Let yourself, feel deep hunger now, when, you’re imagining, you’re dreaming now, about what it is that, you want deeply.  Doesn’t, your mind becomes focused now, when, you’re excited?  Don’t, you feel naturally energized now, when, you’re feeling this excitement, within you?

Does dreaming small get you, off your ass now?  Does it, get creative, now, juices flowing?  Does it, bring more passion now, more energy, deep inside, which brings, greater focus now, on your goals?  Does dreaming small, do all this now?  Or does it just, keep dreaming now, about what, you want deeply, without bringing you this, energy now, that you need, in this moment, to, get up and do now, what, you really want, and know that, you need to do now, more of this, to, reach your goals now?

Whether or not you, reach the big dreams now, isn’t it, more fun now, imagining those dreams now?  Aren’t the, big dreams, now, more motivation, for you?  Doesn’t it, feel more amazing now, when, you’re dreaming big, now, hungering, for it, some amazing prospect?  Doesn’t, your body feels lighter, when, you’re imagining now, something, exciting now, for you?  Don’t, you feel like moving now, when, you’re dreaming big?  Do you, feel this energy, inside you now, when, you’re dreaming big?  Aren’t you, more naturally attractive now, to big dreams, which, bring now, this, greater feeling of motivation now, and, deeper energy and excitement now, to you?

Why not, get out of your own way now, by, allowing now, those, naturally motivating feelings now, to, coursing now, through your body, brings energy now, doesn’t it?  Don’t you, find more passion now, which lets you, focus on doing now, with this, greater energy within, to, go now, out and, achieve what you want now?

Do the small dreams that, you had been dreaming these now, but that, you can see clearly now, weren’t really the, best dreams now, to, dream deeply now?  Were those small, dreaming now, really, energized now, or did the small dreams keep you from, feeling this energy within now, that makes you, want to move now, and, go create now, what it is that you, love now more deeply?

Do the small dreams that, you’re letting go now, really, serve yourself now, in the same way that these, big dreams now, that, you’re choosing to dream now, do it?  Were the small dreams really, doing it now, for you?  It’s, easy to let go, now, isn’t it?, when, you know now, that, you’re choosing something, better now, for you.

Is the problem, perhaps, that part of you didn’t think, you are worthy of success now, but that you can, realize this now, that, you are worthy, of these, big dreams now, and by, allowing now, you’re unconscious, to bring you these, bigger dreams, these, even more excitement now, feelings coming now, which are, bringing now this feeling of energy, which is propelling you, like a rocket, forward now, towards your dreams?

And as, you’re realizing now, that those, old small dreams now, didn’t really serve you, and that, big exciting dreams now, serve you better by, allowing now, this, change within now, to take place, you’re finding, you’re excited now, increasing exponentially, aren’t you?  Isn’t this, more excitement now, within that, you’re really feeling now, more energized by the moment, for you?

And now, as, you’re really learning this now, deeply inside, and, changing within now, so that, you’re unconscious, is able to, automatically dream big now, and, bring more excitement now, more passion, more energy now, to you in your life which is propelling you now, forward more, towards your dreams, which, you are creating this now, this life, you want now, you’re hungry, for it, for, doing more work naturally now, because of this, deeper excitement now, which is bringing, still more energy and focus now, to you, isn’t it?

When, you’re finding it now, that, you’re dreaming big now, and, naturally focused, on, feeling joy and satisfaction now, in, simply doing the work, that you’ve always known that, you need it, to, do it now, to, create for yourself, this, exciting dream now, which is so, deeply energized now, for you, how, good feelings now, do you, feel now, within you more, deeply, when you’re thinking of doing what you, love deeply, to do and what, you’ve always wanted, there are these, good feelings now, that, you’re feeling, aren’t there?

And as these, exciting dreams now, are, coming so naturally now, which are bringing you this, energy and excitement now, while, you’re dreaming, them, so easily now, to do, what’s this feeling now, within you more deeply, when, you’re imagining now, these new, energizing and motivating dreams now?  Is this feeling, within you more deeply now, more excitement or more motivation that, you’re really feeling now?  How much is this feeling now, within you more deeply, leaving you feeling, more energized now?  Are you feeling more, hungry now, or is it that, you’re feeling more energized and focused?  How much, deeper desire within you, are you feeling now as you’re considering your goal?  How much more intense is your hunger now as you’re contemplating just doing what you have always wanted to do?

Are you, perhaps, feeling ten times more energized now, by the idea of just, doing it now, doing what you want?  How many times more energized are you now as you’re contemplating the work that, you want it badly, to do?  How much easier is it now to, just get up, and, do the work now, with, greater joy and satisfaction, in the present moment, now that, you’re really learned now, the value of dreaming big?

Do you, yet, get the sense now, that this, process is continuing now?  That, you’re transforming now, within deeply, as, you’re unconscious, is making these, deep changes now, to the way you, dream now, about your goals which is, allowing now, these, changes within now, which are so naturally able to bring you this, more energy now, this, deeper motivation now, and this powerful ability to, focus naturally, on, simply doing the work, that you already love and care about?  If, you’re feeling more focused now, then just how much, more focus, are you, feeling now, tomorrow and the day after?  How much, more energy now, are you learning to, feel now, when you’re thinking about, just doing now, more of those things which, you can do more now, to create the life you want?

Thank You for Reading!


-Adam Coles-
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