What do you long for?

What does the heart want?  Do we want love or do we want judgment?  Do we ache to judge and be judged?  Do you look forward with eager anticipation to those moments of criticism and condemnation?  Does criticism fill your heart with joy?

Does criticism EVER bring us joy?  Perhaps, some sense of satisfaction from the ego, that part of us that believes in judgment.  But, is that feeling JOY?  When you judge others, do you feel joy?  When you judge yourself, do you feel joy?

What happens to your peace of mind when you indulge in criticism and condemnation of others or of yourself?  Do you feel calm?  Happy?  Motivated to go do things that bring others joy?  When the mind is in a state of criticism and judgment, do those attitudes and beliefs support your happiness and well-being?

Does criticism, the belief in good and bad, right and wrong, the labels assigned by our minds, lift us up and help us to connect in peace, in love and in joy with others?  Do criticism and judgment lift us up or drag us down?

Has the ego ever given anything other than fear and pain?  Does the ego have your best interests at heart?  Does the ego have your happiness, your peace of mind, your health and well-being in mind?  Does the ego care about the well-being of others?

Is judgment ever REALLY for another persons good?  Does judgment REALLY have the best interests of others at heart?

It may indeed be wise for someone to make a change in their thinking or their behavior for their long-term best interests in the world; but, the way that people RESPOND to the idea of making a change is radically different when the message is delivered with love and compassion, with gentleness and sensitivity and with a sense of unconditional positive regard.  If people are more likely to reject even a beneficial idea when it is delivered in a judgmental fashion, clearly judgment does not ACTUALLY serve the helpful part of us.

Let’s pull up judgment by the roots and really examine the thought system and what it creates.  Let’s examine those beliefs and look at them closely and see what is really REAL.  A thought that is fully disbelieved loses its power to control us.

Is criticizing another really for their good?  Or, does criticism, the attitude of looking down on another, really serve the self-aggrandizing part of the self?

Do you BELIEVE the idea that judging another is for their own good?  Do you BELIEVE that judging yourself is for your own good?  Does ego serve you or does ego only serve itself to your detriment?

Is peace for your own good?  Is peace what you want for yourself?  Is peace what you want for the people you love?

Does the egos judgment bring peace to you or to them?

Do you want joy for yourself?  Do you want joy for those that you love?  When people are in a state of joy, they tend to delight in sharing the thing that brings them joy with others.  Joy is naturally abundant, naturally giving, naturally generous, naturally caring and loves to spread itself to others.

If you love a song, you will tend to share that song with others so that they can experience the joy you felt when listening, right?  The same with a favorite food.  The little things we love and enjoy, we tend to share?

What does judgment do to that natural helpfulness?  What does judgment do to that naturally caring, sharing, joyous part of us?

Does judgment allow the light in you to shine and bring joy and delight to those around you?  Does judgment inspire you to be the best version of yourself you can be and to share the joy of accomplishment and the fruits of your accomplishments with others?  Does judgment inspire abundance or smallness?

We all know that stress can be and often is toxic to the body.  Does judgment create comfort, peace and relaxation?  Does judgment support our health and well-being?  Does criticism help others to feel calm, relaxed and peaceful and find the natural sense of ease that allows our bodies to function well?

What does your heart long for?   What is it that the heart already knows about what is real and has real value that our minds, at times, forget?

What if the heart is actually wiser than the mind?  What does that part of you that knows love know?  What happens when you tune more fully into your heart and let it guide you?  What would happen if the loving guidance of the heart and soul within us were the only voice we listened to and we fully disbelieved that ego and judgment EVER had our best interests at heart?

Thank you for reading and God Bless,