Where is peace to be found?

Consider the lessons learned by and taught by a Zen master sitting beneath a waterfall in quiet meditation.

The Zen master has learned to disregard sensation, to see it as unimportant; and, in thinking sensation unimportant, has freed his mind from sensation and come to find peace within.

The master has learned that bodies do not and cannot create peace; but, thought and desire can disrupt our ability to find it.  If our thoughts, our desires, our whole focus is on peace, then we find peace within; regardless of external circumstances and regardless of what messages our bodies receive from the environment.

Were this not true, the practiced meditator could not find peace and calm within while sitting under a cold waterfall.  And, since there are clearly those who can do this, it must be true.

Peace is a state of mind; or, perhaps, an inherent property of mind, which thought, which arises from mind, can obscure.  But, a cloud which blots out the sun does not make the sun cease to be.  If peace is an inherent property of mind, than thought cannot take peace away.  Perhaps it is best to think of our thoughts as a little detour which can lead the mind away from peace; but, which ultimately can never really take peace from us.

And, it is important to think, to ponder, to really carefully consider, where does power lie?  Where does the generative power come from?  Does power come from the thought or from the mind which thinks?  Which is greater?  The mind which creates thought or the thought itself?

A mind may come to think, to feel, to believe, “I am powerless.” and, in thinking that, in believing that thought, create a feeling of powerless; but, is that thought true?  Is it real?  Does it matter?  Is it important?

What if all that is really necessary to do when thoughts of powerlessness arise is to REMEMBER that you are not the thought but the thinker?  Are you the thought or the one whose mind creates thought?  What is the reality?  What is the truth?  You are the mind that thinks, feels and believes; and since clearly you have the power to think. to feel and believe, you must not be powerless.

If you look on thoughts of powerlessness as unreal imaginings without form, substance or power, so they are.  And so they have always been; but, perhaps, you have been imagining that thought has the power to control the mind that thinks it.

What if that was just a nightmare?  What if that was an insane delusion that took root; but, all that is necessary is to simply LOOK at it closely and see that the idea that ANY idea is more powerful than the mind that thinks it is clearly not true.  The idea that any thought or feeling, fantasy, fear or desire is greater than YOU is clearly not true.

The thought, “I am worthless” may pass through the mind.  It may be experienced.  It may be noticed.  It may even be felt.  But, is it REAL?  Does it have power?  Does it have substance?  Is it REAL or is it simply an illusion, an imagining, passing through the mind; but, with no real power over it?  Can it control YOU, the one who thinks it?  Where does the power lie in truth?

What thoughts which used to terrify you lose their power when you look at them as simply wisps of imagination with no substance?

Does your body have to be comfortable for you to know peace?  Is that idea rooted in reality?  Or was it simply something you imagined to be true and in so imagining cut yourself off from your ability to know peace within regardless of external circumstances?

Do your circumstances have to match the ideal that you hold onto?  Does life have to live up to your fantasies of a perfect life for you to know peace?  Or, perhaps, do you simply need to let go of those fantasies for a little while?  Do you have to be perfect in order to know peace?  Or, do you need to ALLOW the present to be what it is?

Is the power to find peace found in manifesting your dreams in the physical?  Or, is peace a state of mind, to be found within?  A state where, for a little while at least, all dreams and fantasies are disregarded as unimportant?

Can you know peace in the moment and cling to saying, “But, I NEED to get that!” or “I NEED to be that!” “I WANT that new car!”  Can those thoughts ever lead you to peace?  Or, can they only lead you away from it?

What if it is and has always been possible for you to know peace wholly and completely; but, by believing in your thoughts and feelings, you have cut yourself off from it?  What if no one and nothing in the world has or has ever had the power to take your peace from you; but, you simply imagined that they did?

How would your life transform if you stopped believing that peace lay in anything external to you?  How much calmer and happier would you be?  How much more easily could you handle the situations which arise in life, if you stopped imagining that those situations were a threat to your peace of mind?  How would your relationships improve if you no longer imagined that those things which others do have the power to take away your peace of mind and instead owned that it is only YOUR thoughts which can lead YOUR attention away from the peace within?

I urge you, stop giving life the power to rob you of peace of mind.  It does not have it.  Stop assigning the power to give you peace to anything external.  That is not where the power lies.  Only YOUR thoughts and beliefs have the power to rob you of peace of mind.  No external thing does.

And, for the sake of your relationships with others, do NOT believe the idea that they can take away your peace.  They CANNOT.  Your belief that they can, your imagining that they can, gives the power to create peace to them by thinking that YOUR power to create peace lies with them.  This false perception, this imagining causes us great distress and leaves us feeling weaker than we are and then tends to lead us to BLAME others for the loss of peace that WE create for ourselves by indulging these fearful imaginings of being powerless to create peace ourselves.

You CAN know peace.  Peace is within.  Stop looking to the external world and ACKNOWLEDGE that peace is a state of mind and YOUR state of mind depends on YOUR thoughts, feelings, beliefs and on what YOU are focused on.

Reclaim your power.  See truly who has and has always had the power.

The power to know peace is yours and NO ONE can take it from you.  NOTHING in the external world can take it from you.  No power can separate you from YOUR peace.  You only imagined that the world can rob you of your peace of mind.  Stop believing those fearful imaginings.  Peace has never truly departed from you.  You simply haven’t been looking in the right place for it.

Peace is within you.

It is an inherent element of your mind and it is there for you, waiting for you to reclaim it.

Beneath all the fears, the memories which you assigned the power to terrify you, beneath your hopes and dreams and desires, peace waits.

Believe in peace and in your own ability to find it.  And, in finding it, to give the gift of peace to others.

Thank you for reading and God Bless,