The Gift of Peace

Let’s assume that in truth, peace lies within, an intrinsic property of the mind, something invulnerable that cannot be destroyed or taken away; but, which can be forgotten or ignored.

What is the benefit to you is accepting this assumption and acting for a while as if it is true?  If it is true and you devote time and practice to training your mind to tune into the peace within, then you give yourself the gift of peace; and, you give to everyone in your life the gift of a calmer, more rational, more mature version of yourself.

To practice meditation is ultimately to give the gift of peace to ourselves; and the gift of a calmer, more mature version of ourselves to those around us.  And, when we live in peace, when we know peace, when we find that we have the ability to simply CHOOSE peace, to tune into and remember the peace within; we will inevitably influence those around us.

A peaceful person, one who is free of frustration and rage, is less demanding; which increases peace of mind in all around them.  A peaceful person, free of the demands of ego, shows others that they don’t NEED their egos to be happy.  The example they set inspires others to be more like them and the world is transformed by each one who walks the path of peace.

What a gift to give a world which has long known so much of war and conflict!

What a relief we give to others when we release the thinking that once made us demanding of others!

And in a world where there is such scarcity and lack made apparent and many who do without that which essential to their health and wellbeing, how important is it that we learn to be satisfied with less?

The person who has found the path to peace within, the path which simply says, “I have peace within me already.  I don’t need that thing to feel peaceful.  I just need to remember that I have peace and to return my attention to it.”  This person who knows peace has nothing to do with circumstances; but only with how THEY think about those circumstances, gives a great gift to the world in their maturity and wisdom.

And, the first step in walking that path is to simply believe it is possible.  Others have found peace and there is nothing special about them that made it possible.  There is nothing about you that makes it impossible.  Learning to focus the mind on peace is simply a matter of training ourselves to notice thoughts which intrude on peace and gently let them go.

With that training ANYONE can become a more peaceful version of themselves.  Anyone can cut unneeded stress from their lives.  Anyone can reduce the strain on their physical bodies from the burden of judging others and themselves and simply training themselves to focus on peace.

Do you REALLY need a vacation?  Or is your need for peace better accomplished through training and disciplining the mind?  The training will never leave you and will be with you through ALL of lifes challenges.  Vacations come and go.

Learning to find peace within, to let go of the world, to let go of situations, to let go of hopes and dreams (at least for a little while) and simply sink into a state of calm, peace and relaxation is a skill and skills can be drawn on any time, any where.

Give yourself the gift of that training!  Give yourself the gift of peace!

You don’t want, need or deserve the suffering that an undisciplined mind creates; and neither do your friends of family.

Peace is within you!  A gift for you.  A gift for all.  It is there for the finding, discovered in the seeking, uncovered through your commitment to it.

It’s easy.  You just have to WANT peace more than you want ANYTHING else.  Which do you want MORE?  Peace of mind that is always yours or a vacation?  If you want the vacation more, your mind is tuned into a fantasy instead of peace.  That fantasy covers up unhappiness; but, does not let it go.  But, what if you let go and wanted the peace more?  Then that’s what you tune into.

Simply BELIEVE that “It’s all good.”  Right now.  Simply BELIEVE that “It OK to relax.” Right now.

It’s simple.  It’s easy.  Your focus is naturally drawn to what you REALLY want.

To find the gift of peace, start with wanting it.  Start with believing that you can find it.  Start with having faith that peace IS possible and that your mind can tune into it.  And, the more you do that and NOTHING else, the moment you focus on peace utterly and completely, forgetting about everything else, you will find it.

There are no special preparations.  There are no requirements.  There are no poses to learn or mantras to chant.  These things may help some; but, often, the idea that there is some right way to do it gets in the way.  Instead, simply desire.  We’re talking about the mind here and the mind focuses on what you WANT.  Desire directs focus.

Tune into your desire for peace and then when ANY other thoughts arise, gently return your focus to your desire to know peace.

That’s it.

Train the mind to disregard other thoughts and focus ONLY on your desire for peace.  Anything else which crosses the mind has nothing to do with peace.  Memories are just memories, they aren’t real.  They are just thoughts.  Sensations from the environment cannot command or hold your attention unless you let them.  Sensations from your body can be disregarded, they have no power over the mind that believes that they have no power.

Peace is yours.  Teach yourself to, for a while at least, forget and ignore everything else and you will find it.

No trainer can do this for you; though, those with skill can guide you and make it easier to find your way.  But, your mind is yours and will follow YOUR will.  Your desire for it to happen and your willingness to forget or ignore anything and everything that comes between you and the peace that lies within is the most important part.

Journey within and find it.

Find peace within and share it with the world.

Thank you for reading and God Bless,