Dreams are dreams

The mind that BELIEVES, “I have to have X to be happy.” carries a millstone.  Whether that millstone is, “I have to have that new car.” or whether it’s, “I have to live in a world where there is no more racism.” the dream of a world that is different, better (by your judgment) than this world will take your peace of mind from you.

Fantasies are simply fantasies.  They are not needs.  Those things that you imagine that you need in order to feel happy or in order to feel peace in fact take it from you.

What if you stopped giving dreams the power to take your peace from you by simply recognizing that meeting ANY of those conditions is unnecessary for you to have peace and joy right now?

What if having peace of mind and joy right now, today, were more important to you, at least for a moment, than any of those fantasies?

And yes, in the physical, actions do have consequences.  It is often true that change is for the better and brings relief; but, change is often slow, and those that have no peace within and have lost touch with their ability to find peace tend not to be the most patient.  Their impatience has a cost in their health and wellbeing, a cost in their ability to communicate calmly and rationally and inspire others.  Very few people enjoy being around those who are irritable and full of rage.

And, is it not obvious, that a person who is yelled at is rarely persuaded?

Do you actually do a favor to yourself in assigning such importance to your goals and what you want?  Is it possible that by DEMANDING your dream you may even make it harder to attain?

So, let go of dreams, learn to allow, learn to let things take time, learn to think, to feel, to believe that you don’t NEED anything to feel peaceful, you don’t NEED anything to feel calm, happy and relaxed right now.  And, when you believe that, so it is for you.

Within the space of your mind, what you think, what you feel, what you believe, you create.  To believe, “Peace is within me now, easy to reach, easy to find, never departing, dependent on nothing.” is to either tune into or create peace depending only on whether peace is better defined as something inherent in the mind or whether it’s a state of mind.

But, regardless, it’s yours.

And, the moment that something else becomes more important to you than peace, you can see it no longer.  But, still it remains for you to reclaim it.

Learn to call dream and fantasies what they are and in so doing deny them the power to control you, to rob you of peace of mind.  Stop telling yourself, “But, I’m right!  This is important!” all the bloody time.  It’s a thought.  It’s a good idea, perhaps.  But, is it more important than your ability to know peace?  Is it more important that your ability to feel joy and know the beauty in life?

Is being right REALLY worth the cost in stress to you in others?

Is that TRULY what sanity is?

Is that what maturity looks like?

Is getting yourself all worked up, stressed out, overcome with rage because the world hasn’t given you your dream really a good idea?

It doesn’t matter much WHAT the dream is, does it?

Are ANY of them worth the cost that comes with demanding them?

There is peace only when you forgive the world for not giving you what you want.  This is maturity.  This is wisdom.  Forgive yourself the dreams you never made come true, let them go, they are dreams.

Dreams are dreams.

The dream of a better life, a perfect world, a world of wealth, of comfort and ease or even the dream of having people listen more, all are dreams.

They may speak to something good, something beautiful; but, they are still dreams.

Do not let your peace of mind or your happiness lie on the fulfilment of dreams; or, you will chase peace and happiness endlessly.

But, they are within you, not found in chasing; but, in tuning into to where they are, within you now.

States of mind are NOT external circumstances.

States of mind depend on your thoughts, not on the world.

Stop letting the world tell you how to feel.  Take control of your own mind.

Stop chasing.  Sit.  Be still.  Allow.  Find.

Peace is yours, here and now, waiting to be claimed.

Thank You for reading and God Bless,