Why keep believing in worthiness?

Judgmentalism by its nature separates, deeming some as worthy and others as unworthy.

Love unites and sees no separation, no distinction, no specialness, no worthiness or unworthiness.  Love sees the Light in ourselves and in others.

Love knows no bounds, no conditions and no limits.

Judgment seeks to limit love.

How much has judgment crept into your thinking regarding others and yourself?  Do you believe yourself to be arbiter of who has value and who doesn’t?  Do you believe that you are fit to decide who is a good person and who is not?

Do you see all who live as friends, brothers and sisters; or, do you see the righteous and unrighteous?  And, coincidentally, are those righteous ones people who just happen to agree with you?

Doesn’t that seem just the teeniest, tiniest bit narcissistic to you?

Personally, I believe that all value ultimately derives from love.  If you love others, you value them.  If you judge others; you do not.  If you judge yourself; you do not value yourself.

You can either value or devalue as you choose; but, one has the power to heal and the other the power to harm.  Which power you choose to claim is up to you; but, you cannot choose both at the same time.  And, where you place your faith, what you REALLY believe, will show.

To know love, you must BELIEVE in love, you must choose to look past, to ignore, the voice within that believes in worthiness.  You must come to see that voice as some scrap of meaningless nonsense that holds no value and is simply not worth paying any attention to.  And, in thinking that, in believing it, it is so, for you.

The voice of love rises up within when it is invited, when it is allowed.  The voice of love, being gentle, being compassionate, will not come if it is not invited, if it not welcome.  You have this choice.  You have this power.

What will you do with your power to choose?

Do you choose to separate?  To belittle?  To criticize and condemn others?

Do you focus on worthiness or unworthiness?

Do you see others as beautiful, innocent, children of God, inherently worth of love, created worthy and eternally worthy?

Perhaps it is that worthiness is the reality and unworthiness is simply a mad belief held by those who, deep down, want to glorify themselves…

But, do the delusions of narcissism have any grounding in reality?

And, if value comes from love, from the Light which lies within us all, the Light within each and every heart, whether those hearts are currently open and tuned into that Light or not, it may well be, that anything or anyone that thinks that judgment has ANY reality, any true value, is just a bit crazy, unbalanced, unstable.  It may be that the more faith people have in judgment, the more unstable they become.

We all have both voices within; but, only one is right.  Only one is sane.  Only one brings healing and peace.  Only one offers us hope that we can have a future without war and violence.  Only one offers us joy and holds out joy to others.  Only one banishes loneliness and restores healthy connections between people.

Can you truly love others and hold onto the concept of worthiness?  Can your heart open fully if you clutch and the idea that you have the right to criticize and condemn?

We have been taught by the world that judgment is sanity.

Is it true?

We have been taught to believe that those who make mistakes are guilty and deserving of punishment.

Is it true?

Errors in thinking and behavior do need to be corrected.  But, perhaps, if that correction isn’t done with love and gentleness, it loses power to help others make positive changes.

Does punishment teach love or vengeance?  Does punishment teach forgiveness and foster deeper connections between others?  Does any mistake truly call for punishment or is it the ego, that part of the mind which seeks to raise us up by casting others down?  Can you indulge the ego and not teach the value of ego?  Will teaching egoic thinking change the way others think and act and create a society founded on peace and love?

And, will not that same vengeful, self-righteous, narcissistic thinking turn on the one who holds it?  If there’s no one else to look down on, where does the ego look to satisfy its need to hurt, to criticize and condemn?

Don’t listen to ego.  Shut it out.  Seek the love and light within.  Save yourself and others from the ravages of ego.

Free yourself from ego by disbelieving what it says.  Disbelieve that there is such a thing as unworthiness.  It’s an idea, not a thing.  It’s not real.  It only has the power you give it by believing it.  No thought has power over the mind that thinks it.  You’re bigger than it.  You’re more powerful than it.

Free yourself from the tyranny of ego and open your heart to greater love for self and for others.  Free yourself from ego by CHOOSING to see value in others, to overlook their faults, to forgive, to let go, to allow.  See the value in another even when they see no value in themselves, especially when they see no value in themselves; and, in so doing, teach your mind that “Only love is real.  Only innocence is real.  Only worthiness is real.”

Tune into it.  Believe it.  Live it.

Love is your reality and the reality of all of us.  Our souls, the core of who we are, are made of love and light.  In love we are already united.  We are already connected.  We are friends, brothers and sisters in the Light.  The Light is all encompassing and sees no differences, knows no sin, believes not in unworthiness.

Those labels we have put on mistakes do not serve us.  Those labels we put on others and ourselves are not our friends.

There is only love.

Thank you for reading and God Bless,