Can Light be made less?

Personally, I believe that the nature of the soul, our Essence, the core of our personalities is Light, that who and what we really are is Light, that we are made of the Love of God and that the core of light within us cannot really be made less by anything.

We make think less of ourselves or another; but, if Light is our nature, we cannot actually BE less.  If Light is our nature, we cannot be stained by our mistakes.  We cannot be broken.

We may become confused as to our true nature.  We can believe we are broken or that others are broken; but, that’s believing in a state that simply does not exist.

We are certainly not our thoughts.  We are not our feelings.  These things come and go.  Preferences and beliefs can change.  Even cherished beliefs that we have held for years can shift.  These things are not us.

And, what happens in your outlook, in your behavior, in your choices and actions, when the idea that any mistake can stain you disappears?  What happens when you no longer hold your mistakes against yourself, no longer saying, “See, I’m not good, I messed up here.”?  What happens when there is only forgiveness of others and the self?  How does life change when the idea of holding grudges, keeping score, putting down, no longer seems believable?

What shifts occur in the way you respond to others when you no longer believe that there is such a thing as a person who is anything less that pure, innocent and holy?  And, while it still may be that they don’t believe in their own holiness and don’t act from the assumption of their own value and worth, they may not believe in their value or the value of others and that mistaken assumption may be apparent in their behavior; but, how much easier is it to forgive those actions if you don’t believe that they say anything at all about that persons’ true nature?  What happens when you look and see the innocence and the purity of their soul and overlook the outward misbehavior?  What happens when their is only love and only forgiveness?

Do you think that when there is only love and only forgiveness for others, it may make it so that it’s easier to talk to them?  Do you think that in seeing the innocence in others, seeing the holiness in others, you may inspire them to see themselves and others in a different light?  Is it possible that the behaviors that seem to make a person less worthy change when they start to see themselves and others as innocent, as inherently worthy of love?

What happens to the world when we become role models of perfect love and forgiveness?

Maybe you think, “That’s too much” or “That’s too hard.”  Maybe you believe that loving unconditionally is impossible or too big a change in thinking.  And, if so, that’s alright.

To believe that we all have perfect love inside, already there within us, already at our core, just waiting to be accepted, just waiting for us to WANT it, waiting for the conscious mind to decide, “I’m tired of judgment.  I want perfect love.  I want the peace that comes from perfect forgiveness.” is a rather large change in thinking, is it not?  But, what if it’s true?  Does failing to believe a thing is true make it less true?  What if that’s the reality?  What if that is and always has been your true nature?

What if light is who you are and you only thought that you were something else?

What if Unconditional Love is there, waiting for you to choose it, waiting for you to want it, waiting for you to cast aside all the barriers that you erected against it?

What if there is no emptiness, no brokenness, no worthlessness, no less than, no stained or damaged or imperfect souls… just imperfect understanding, a thing which happens to all of us from time to time.

If that’s true, could it be simple as taking it on faith for a while to find it?  Could it be as simple as wanting it, believing that it could be the truth?  Could it be that to seek the Light within will always lead you to it, if you REALLY want it?

Are those thoughts that once convinced you that “Nobody’s perfect” simply a misunderstanding of who and what you really are?

What would happen if you stopped seeing yourself and others as imperfect?

Thank you for reading and God Bless,