It’s NOT as big as it seems

Consider how most of us deal with the pain of a stubbed toe.  It stings for a minute and then it’s over.  It’s small.  It’s insignificant.  It’s just not a big deal.  Ultimately, it means nothing.  The experience of stubbing your toe has nothing of any value to say about you or about life.

What if you could look at all pain like that?  What if that attitude of seeing pain as a small, insignificant thing; seeing pain as not a big deal; seeing pain as unimportant and meaningless; and, certainly, with nothing meaningful to say about you or about life, was something that you could cultivate and come to believe about all pain?

And, why shouldn’t you?  Do you gain anything of value from thinking, from imagining, that the painful situations that sometimes arise in life mean something?

In reality, is ANY past pain really meaningful in the present?  Is it, perhaps, that the mind simply thinks, simply imagines, that bigger pains are more important, when ALL pain is unimportant?  Does it really matter whether there is more pain or less once you’re out of the painful situation?  We think it matters whether pain is caused intentionally and deliberately or whether the pain was simply an accident; but, does it?  Is pain caused by another human being REALLY more important or less important than pain caused by the environment?  Does ANY of it matter?  Does ANY of it mean anything?

What would happen if you viewed all pain, regardless of cause or size as ultimately meaningless and unimportant?  What if pain just doesn’t matter?  What if pain says nothing about you?

Does the fact that your body can be hurt say anything about YOU?  Does it mean anything?  Are any of those implications, those meanings that we tend to see in pain real?

Are you your body?

Does the fact that your body can be injured really mean anything about you?

Is there any value in holding on to, on remembering old pain over and over again?

Does it matter whether that old pain is physical or emotional?

What happens when you view insults from others as insignificant and devoid of meaning?  What happens when you view failure as unimportant?  What happens if you don’t think that unpleasantness actually matters?

What happens when the mind learns to no longer ruminate and hold onto unpleasantness and simply dismisses it as unimportant?

How much peace and freedom is there in that!

And, that peace and freedom is yours.  It’s as simple as changing your mind.  It’s as simple as looking at things differently.  It’s as simple as remembering that what’s important here and now is what’s happening here and now and focusing on the present.

What matters now is what’s happening now.

What’s important now is what you’re experiencing now.

The past is just a memory.  The future is just a dream.  What is real is what is in front of you.  What matters is what’s happening now.

How much power is there in taking control of your mind and simply remembering that memories are not your present reality and have no inherent meaning?  When you say, think, feel and BELIEVE, “It’s just a memory.  It’s not a big deal.” doesn’t it free you from thinking that the past is significant?

The present moment is significant.  The present moment is where your power is.  The present moment is where you make decisions.  The present moment is where you can experience peace and joy.

Let the past and future drop away.  They’re not a big deal.  They’re not important right now.

Here and now you are safe; and that’s real.  The safety you’re experiencing now is not just a memory.  The safety you’re experiencing today matters more than past pain.

The past isn’t a big deal, the pain simply isn’t a big deal; simply because it is past.

See it as significant no more and find peace and joy, here and now, in the present.

Thank you for reading and God Bless,


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