You’re ALREADY bigger than that

Imagine for a moment that the mind is a library and all your memories are the books, the stories, the information within the library.

The library is and always will be bigger than any book.  That which holds all the books must be bigger.

The mind holds your memories, your thoughts and feelings arise from the mind and are perceived by your consciousness, your mind generates thoughts and feelings, habits and beliefs; but, the mind that can do all of that is and must logically be bigger than all that it holds and all that it generates.

And, the generative power must lie with the mind, it is the mind that is powerful, it is the mind that is creative.  No thought, no feeling, no habit, no belief, no memory, no fantasy or dream is or can be more powerful than the mind that creates and holds it.  And, if the mind comes to see any of those things as unimportant, it can simply stop feeding energy into creating or sustaining them.

The secret to greater self control is simple, see that already, here and now, you are and always have been bigger, more powerful, than any thought, feeling, memory, belief or habit.  You may not have recognized how powerful your mind is; and, in disbelieving your power, that belief created a seeming block; but, that block falls away the minute you disbelieve it.  Your power isn’t blocked and can’t REALLY be blocked.  You can only imagine it; and, in imagining create.

The mind is inherently creative and the creative power of the mind never stops.  You WILL create what you think.  Your mind will always create what you believe.

How delightful is it that we all have access to such creative power!  How wonderful it is to know that there is not one of us who is truly as powerless as we imagine!

And, if we return our attention to the image of the library, we can see another important truth.  Imagine that the building, the library itself, is beautiful.  The architecture of the building is a marvel to behold.  There are graceful columns.  The halls are decorated with beautiful paintings.  There are sculptures of exquisite skill lining the halls in between the shelves and even the shelves are carved beautifully.

But, you’ve got your head stuck in a book, you’re reading a story, and perhaps the story that you’re reading is terrifying.  Maybe you’re reading and re-reading a horror novel.  Maybe you’re remembering, reliving, recreating a memory of pain or of failure.

Does that change the beauty of the library?  Does any book held within the library say anything of value about the library itself?  Do the books DEFINE the library?  Do the books mean anything about the library?

Could you not simply put the book back on the shelf and walk away from it?

Is the book really important?  Is importance an aspect of books?  Or, is it only thinking that a book is important that makes it important?  Isn’t importance an idea?  A sense?  A thought?  A feeling?

Is the book you’ve been reading and rereading actually important?  Or was that a thought?  And, don’t you have, haven’t you always had, the ability to change your mind?  Don’t you have the ability to make a different decision?  Don’t you have the ability to think differently?  Don’t you have the ability to look at things in a different way?

And, sometimes, when we change the way we think, when we look at things differently, when our perspective shifts, it can change the whole course of our future for the better, can’t it?  Sometimes, when we have a moment of clarity, when things snap into focus, it changes things for the better, right away, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, all it takes is a thought, a moment of believing, “I really CAN do this” for everything to shift.  It doesn’t take much, not really, for the creative power of the mind to shift and start creating something different, something better, something more positive, something more fulfilling.

Could it be that it is and always has been that simple?

Could it be that even in reading this your mind is already learning consciously and unconsciously to shift, to take energy away from reminiscing and remembering about old feelings and memories and put that energy into creating something beautiful and valuable in the present?

Could it be that your self image is already changing and you’re already learning to think of yourself as bigger, more beautiful and more powerful than any of those little books sitting on the shelves in your library?  Maybe, you’ve already started thinking of yourself as more powerful and you just haven’t fully recognized how much your thoughts have shifted, yet?

What will you see changing in your life as you become more attuned to the reality that who you are, what you are, is bigger than any thought, feeling, habit or memory?  What difficulties are already starting to fall away as your mind is realizing that you can simply forget about them, disbelieve that they matter, stop assigning importance to them and go forward with a greater sense of love, of joy, of peace as well as confidence and strength?

But, if your thoughts have and have always had creative power and you are now learning to see that YOU have the power and to put your creative energies into things that support your health, happiness and wellbeing instead of in things that hurt you, isn’t just thinking differently all it takes?  If all it takes for pain to fall away is to realize that pain can simply fall away, isn’t that revelation, that understanding that you’re developing now, isn’t that insight amazing?

And, when you realize that you are and have always been bigger than the things which hurt you, which scared you, which used to make you feel like you were weak or powerless, doesn’t that insight automatically change your life for the better?

The only question is, how will you use the new confidence that you discover when you realize that who you are and what you are is and always has been bigger than the things which used to distress you?  How will you use the greater confidence and self-esteem that come naturally with this revelation?  How will your new, more positive, outlook on life and on yourself transform your life for the better?

Thank you for reading and God Bless,


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