Going Beyond Fear

Let’s consider the common belief, “Spiders are scary.”  For some people, that is the reality they experience.  They see a spider and the feel fear.  But, it seems to me, that the fear is not really held in the spider.  There are plenty of people who see a spider and feel no fear.  There are plenty of people who see a spider and feel calm.  There are some who see a spider and appreciate that the spider catches flies and mosquitoes.  There are some who see a spider and feel delighted or fascinated.  There are those who collect spiders because they think that they’re interesting.

And so, it’s apparent, that the fear isn’t actually in the spider.  Spiders aren’t scary.  The IDEA that spiders are scary is where the fear comes from.  Feelings are created by thoughts.  Thoughts which are believed create feelings; and, the external object is actually of little concern.

Spiders themselves are neutral.  The world is neutral.

So, if we recognize the simple reality that reality is neutral; but, our thoughts don’t often think that reality is neutral, it changes things.

What fears can simply be disbelieved when you realize that all you have to do to stop feeling fear is stop believeing that the thing your afraid of causes fear?  What happens when you take more responsibility for your thoughts?  What happens when you own the creative power of your thoughts and stop devaluing your own thinking process?  What happens when you own that you can change your life simply by changing the way you look at your life?

In reality, spiders are neutral and have no power to terrify you or anyone.  The spider simply is.  The fear comes from fear thoughts.  But, if fear thoughts are disbelieved and dismissed, if you own that the mind is bigger, more powerful than any thought and can simply disbelieve that those thoughts have power, than THAT is what you start to create.

And, in this, perhaps you can start to see a profound truth, who you are, the core of you, is already free from fear.  The mind itself, the whole, the core, the soul or essence if you will, is already above and beyond all fear.

The mind, the creative consciousness that you are, may come to believe in fear and create it; but, it is already above and beyond it, being that which created it.

You are already bigger and more powerful than your fears.  Your fears are little things, tiny, insignificant scraps of thought and imagination.

As I’ve said, the library is always bigger than any book it holds, any story it contains.

If the story you tell yourself is, “I am afraid” well, that’s what you create; but, what if YOU are not afraid.  Hasn’t it always been more accurate to say, “I feel afraid” than to say, “I am afraid”?  Does it make sense, really, to incorporate fear into your sense of identity?  Could it be that those old thoughts misled you?  Could it be that the way that we talk about fear, the way we talk about emotions at all, has left us feeling powerless to control them; but, that we have always been powerful, we have always been able to control them, it’s just that with the way we think about things, we haven’t realized just how powerful we are?

But, what happens when you wake up?  What happens when you start to remember that you are the mind that thinks and not the thoughts and not the feelings?  What happens when you tune into the reality that who you are, what you are, is already bigger and more powerful than any thought or feeling?  What happens when you own your power to simply think differently and no longer believe in the old misperception that your thoughts and feelings could bind you, could control you?  What happens when you remember the power of your creative consciousness, the mind that you are, and recognize just how much power you hold in your ability to believe and disbelieve?

Can fear bind you any more when you realize that you are already bigger than it?  Can fear control you when you know that YOU created it and you can simply dismiss it, forget it and ignore it?  Does fear have any power when you recognize that you can simply think that it’s insignificant, that fear is unimportant, and you can reclaim the freedom that is and has always been yours?

What happens when you think, you feel, you believe, you KNOW, that fear was just an old habit, childish silliness, and devoid of any power over you?

Could it be that you are already more free of fear, that simply in reading, simply in carefully considering these things, that your perception of yourself and your perception of fear has already begun to shift?  Have you noticed that fears which once seemed powerful, which once seemed like you couldn’t control, don’t seem so daunting anymore?

What if the idea that fear held any power at all was just a nightmare, a dream, a misperception, a falsehood that you once believed; but, in having the idea that fear has any power at all challenged, the power that fear once seemed to hold starts to fade and the mind, your powerful, creative consciousness, starts to become free, starts to remember that its already free, starts to remember that its already powerful, starts to remember its own greatness?  Could it be that you are already changing the way you think and reclaiming your power?  Could it really be so easy?

Isn’t it worth considering that maybe, just maybe, the only reason things were difficult is because you thought they were difficult?  Maybe, just like you used to imagine that fear had power, you used to imagine difficulty, and, in thinking things were difficult, in imagining that they were difficult, in believing what you imagined, you created difficulty; but, that now, as you are seeing that difficulty too is just an idea, just a thought, you can stop imagining and stop creating and stop believing the difficulty in changing that you used to experience?

What happens when instead of imagining difficulty, you believe instead that making positive changes in your thinking and positive changes in your life is easy?

Is it easy to think things are easy?  How hard is it to believe a thing?  How much effort does holding a belief really take?

You believe that the sun will rise in the morning, right?  How much effort does it take to believe that?

So, what if you experienced that same effortlessness in believing that making positive changes in your thinking was easy?  What if your mind has already started to shift unconsciously, adopting the new idea that change is easy, and the conscious mind just hasn’t caught up yet?  Could it be that the idea that fear is a small, insignificant thing has already taken root unconsciously and the conscious simply needs to be patient for a while and will start to notice in the days and weeks ahead that fear seems less and easier to manage?

Could it be that you’re already rising above your fears and you just haven’t noticed that your ability to control your thoughts and feelings is already restored?

Does an illusion have any power to resist reality?  And, if the reality is that your mind is powerful, creative and can simply stop believing in fear and in that state of disbelief no longer create it, and you are already more tuned in to that reality, simply through reading, simply through thinking differently than you used to, simply in carefully considering these ideas; doesn’t it stand to reason that your mind is already shifting; but that, perhaps, it takes a little time to notice how those shifts manifest consciously?

Won’t it be wonderful to see how this shift manifests in your life?

Won’t it be wonderful to see yourself as more powerful, more in control of your thoughts, more able to simply dismiss fear as unimportant?


Thank you for reading and God Bless,


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