Fear has no power. You do.

Fear is born of our thoughts, our feelings, our desires and our goals.  Sometimes, those goals are more conscious and sometimes those desires are more unconscious, instinctive.  Sometimes the reason fear arises is due to old pain.  But, always, it’s in response to something you want, if only the desire to avoid injury or discomfort.

To release fear, ultimately all you have to do is think differently, to adopt a different set of priorities, to come to truly believe that change is better than staying the same or to  recognize that there is no danger.

To release fear, you simply need to REALLY believe, deep down, that you don’t need it.

If the mind has painful memories that it has been holding on to, this may seem difficult; and yet, it’s ultimately as simple as coming to believe that those memories are just memories, that memory is not the same as reality, that those memories aren’t important and don’t really have anything of value to say and that holding on to those memories doesn’t add value to your life.  If you believe that, then your mind will start to deprioritize remembering and becomes more open to forgetting and fear fades.

If you feel afraid of change, it is a conflict between the part of you that thinks that the change is beautiful, valuable and beneficial and the part of you that loves what is comfortable and familiar.  If you come to believe that the sense of comfort that comes from familiarity is unimportant to you, at least in the context of the desired change, fear begins to release automatically.  The more uncomfortable the present situation is, the more the mind will automatically start to release fear and focus on hope and transformation.  The more you imagine the desired change and connect with a sense of pleasure, of enjoying the new state that you want, the more fear automatically releases.

Ultimately, all you need to do is make a decision and think differently.  Hypnosis can help.  Someone who is more objective, who isn’t feeling what you’re feeling, can help you to look at the situation more clearly and can help you to connect with really vivid imagery and feeling to support you in your goal of change; and yet, ultimately, no power lies with the guide.  All the power to make a decision and change your thinking lies with you.  Nothing a guide may say has any power if it is not believed and accepted by you.

Human decision making tends to be more feeling based than rational.  We rationalize and come up with reasons that our desires make sense; but, rationalizing feelings, believing in feelings, does not make those feelings and decisions rational.  Feelings are feelings and non-rational.  Feelings are not facts.  Feelings are not objective.  Feelings may create and effect our ongoing experience of reality; but, they are thoughts and perspectives, not reality.

They only have so much power as you think they have.  They are only as real to you as you make them.  They can only effect you if you let them.

All power truly belongs to the mind that thinks, that creates thought and feelings.  You are the creator and thoughts and feelings are your creation.  No creation of the mind has power that it was not given by it’s creator and, as the mind, as the creator, you can reclaim the energy that you invested in your thoughts and feelings.

The key is largely believing that you can.  If you believe that your thoughts and feelings can control you, they can.  If you believe that fear is more powerful than you, than to you it is; but, that power comes from your belief.  To reclaim your power, think differently, believe differently.  Simply come to believe that the idea that fear could control you was a mistaken perception, youthful folly, a misunderstanding of your true relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

If you come to believe that you are more powerful that you thought, you start to reconnect with your power.  When you come to remember that you are the creator and that you are the one with power, then simply by remembering that, by connecting with that reality, you begin to reclaim power.

And, if you have long been mired in thinking that you are weak, that part of you that doesn’t believe will object and resist.  Let it.  It is good that the old beliefs come up.  Every time they do, it gives you an opportunity to think differently.  Every time they do, it is an opportunity to make a different decision.  Every time they do, it is a chance to more fully establish the new habit, the new pattern of belief.  Every time the old thinking comes up, it is a chance to exercise faith in yourself, in your power as the mind which creates.

You are and always have been the one with the power.  All of the power of your mind is your power.  Those points of disagreement with in are arguments with yourself; but, as the conscious mind, you have final say as to which part of you wins.  You are the arbiter in those disagreements.  You choose where to invest your power.  You choose where you place your faith, your trust.  Do you place your trust in fear or in love?  Do you choose fear or calm?  Do you choose fear or hope?

Which of those voices within do you believe?

And, whichever you truly believe, you will empower.  The power flows from you, from the core of your personality, your essence, your soul, to your thoughts and feelings; and it is directed with thought.

All you need to do is think.  All you need to do is decide.

You make decisions all the time.  You have never not had the power to make a different decision.  You have never not had the power to think differently, to believe differently.

You have always had the power; though, almost certainly, you didn’t come to recognize it when you were younger.  But, power that you have that you did not recognize, accept and believe in is still your power.  It’s still yours whether you remember it or not.  It cannot be taken from you.  It’s never truly lost, even if it is forgotten.

But, that which is forgotten can be remembered.  You can wake up.  You can recognize your power.  You can remember that which you have always been able to do.

To reclaim your power, it’s as simple as remembering that you have it and have always had it.

Thank you for reading and God Bless,