Indifference is a power

I hope you all enjoy this lovely article on Stoicism. I certainly did. I’m inclined to say that we can all use help in not giving a fuck, not obsessing over what we can’t control and the beautiful and glorious freedom that comes when we truly embrace the idea that challenges are a blessing because they help us grow stronger.

Life WILL throw shit at you. What are you going to do? Are you going to whine about it or are you going to train yourself to appreciate the opportunity to grow, the opportunity to change things for the better, the opportunity to learn compassion through adversity and discover the power you have to make choices that better your life and the world.

We find strength in appreciation. It’s how we endure with the grace and wisdom of the Stoics.

Thank God for the painful past which has inspired me to be a therapist!

What pain can you start to feel grateful for today?