Here are some articles that I’ve written on various self-improvement topics and some useful thoughts to consider as you go through the process of transforming your life through hypnosis.

Most of these articles make heavy use of hypnotic language patterns to increase their subconscious and emotional impact in order to help you to make useful changes in thought and behavior which can help you to go forward and create the life that you want.

Since I cannot target anyone personally with these (I can’t see how you’re responding or get your responses to the questions) the best way to get the effects of these articles is to simply find the ones which resonate with you the most strongly and re-read them daily to catalyze your process of personal growth.  Through repeatedly exposing yourself to the hypnotic effects of these articles you will find that you naturally start feeling more peace and joy in your life and making wiser decisions.

I hope that you find as much (or more) joy in reading them as I’ve found in writing them and that you find them helpful and thought-provoking.

Healing Intelligence

What Do You Want More Of?

How Hungry Are You?

Mental Immune System

Blind to Blessings

The New Normal

Imagine That You Are Remembering

Blessed Emptiness

The Silver Key

Marshmallow Doom

Finding the Funny

Worthwhile Questions

Forgiving More

What is it that is worthy?

Expressions of Gratitude

Nobody is Anything

Piercing the Veil of Illusion

You’re Amazing

The Illusion of Self

Does Success Matter?

Do feelings really matter? (In terms of success)

Operating Assumptions vs Belief

Busting Procrastination

The Power of a Single Step

The Interview Technique

Anticipation and Assumptions

The Power of Pretend

Desensitize the Fear of Failure

Something is Happening

With, not To

Don’t Fight. Let Go.

Resistance to Change

Imagination Building Game: What’s In The Box?