Legal Disclaimer: Hypnosis offered by Heart Song Hypnotherapy is not the practice of psychotherapy!

It is therapeutic, yes; but, as a hypnotist, I am not a licensed psychotherapist.  It is therapeutic in the same sense that a walk on the beach can be undoubtedly therapeutic, it is relaxing and rejuvenating.  It is therapeutic in the sense that getting good advice from a friend is therapeutic. It is therapeutic in the sense that I know and can use for you a great many techniques that can help you to get out of your own way and make the changes that you want to make.  I know how to bypass the conscious minds natural resistance to change and how to stimulate the imagination in such a way that change becomes much easier.

An example of the work that I can do as a hypnotherapist is the treatment of fears and phobias.  I can use hypnotic techniques to induce or guide you into a state of deep relaxation and then help you to remain focused (which can be really hard when you’re half asleep!) and mentally rehearse (imagine) remaining calm in the presence of your trigger.  This process can effectively treat the fear by retraining the automatic, habitual fear response.  (Did you know that fear and relaxation are both habits?)

Yes, it’s therapeutic; but, it’s more that I’m guiding you through exercises which allow you to heal or change yourself.

As a hypnotist, I provide for the mind essentially the same type of service that a personal trainer does for the body.  It is much easier to get in shape when you’re working with a personal trainer; but, a personal trainer is not a doctor.  A good personal trainer is well-versed in different exercises and can help you put together an exercise and a diet plan.  A good personal trainer can help you to remain focused and motivated as you do the work to transform yourself.  A good personal trainer can serve as a guide and a mentor and help you to remain positive and to not give up as you go through the often difficult process of personal transformation.  Working with a personal trainer is undoubtedly a good move when you’re seeking to get fit.

But, a personal trainer is not a doctor.

I would love it if you work with me.  I know a lot of very useful exercises that can help you.  I can guide you through those exercises and teach you, in time, to do most of them on your own.  I can be there as a source of emotional support if you’re feeling discouraged.  I can provide external accountability which is often necessary for motivation and focus.  I can see the best in you when you are having trouble seeing it yourself.  I can ask thought provoking questions that lead to insight.  I can use hypnosis to get your subconscious mind to create changes for you automatically and make the process of change easier for you.

But, I am not a doctor.  I am not a licensed psychotherapist.  If you have a serious medical or psychological condition, see a doctor.  See a licensed therapist.  They are better trained in many areas than I am.  I can help modify and create habits and that is undoubtedly useful both from a physical and psychological health perspective; but, in cases of illness, I can only help under the direction of a licensed physician.  I am a master of triggering the placebo effect and getting your subconscious to create the changes that you want; again, this is undoubtedly useful from both a physical and psychological healing perspective.  But, in cases of physical or psychological illness, hypnotherapy is best viewed as a complimentary treatment.

Now, if you’re goal is non-clinical, if for example you want to stop smoking, lose weight, stop procrastinating or just generally learn to relax more; then, I’m your man and you don’t need to see a doctor.

But, if I get the slightest hint that your issue is of clinical severity, both for your safety and because it’s the law, you will need to see a licensed professional before I can see you.  I’ll gladly work with you alongside a medical professional; but, my work is not a substitute for medical treatment.



-Adam Coles-
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