There’s is something hypnotic about poetry.  A well-written poem has a rhythm which makes it easy for us to get sucked in.  It can stick with us, often more deeply and profoundly than an ordinary conversation; and, isn’t that all that hypnosis truly is?

A poem memorized can easily become a constant resource; bringing us inspiration and helping us to focus our minds on ideas and attitudes that we wish to cultivate.

If you choose to use it as such, a poem can become a vehicle for self-transformation, healing and personal growth.

Here are some poems that I have written to help you, my clients and friends, to navigate the often turbulent waters of life; and, hopefully, to bring peace and clarity to your minds.  These poems can go with you and aid you in your quest for personal transformation in a way that I personally cannot.

Vision Quest

Deeper Wisdom

Falling Leaves

Calm Confidence

Embrace Boldness

The Gift of Receptivity

Self Pity

What Wonders?

Inner Journey

Calm like Water

Enter into Flow

Finding Calm

Roll the Die

Were I a Tree


Who am I?

Eyes of Love

Perfection’s Grasp