In Love There is No Sacrifice

When a person is truly in a state of love, of compassion or of joy, sharing is natural.  Giving is natural.  If you love a song, there is no sacrifice in letting a friend listen so that they can discover the same joy that you found.  If a child picks a flower to give to […]

Fear has no power. You do.

Fear is born of our thoughts, our feelings, our desires and our goals.  Sometimes, those goals are more conscious and sometimes those desires are more unconscious, instinctive.  Sometimes the reason fear arises is due to old pain.  But, always, it’s in response to something you want, if only the desire to avoid injury or discomfort. […]

What Is The Ego?

Most people are aware that the ego is an obstacle to personal spiritual growth and progress; and yet, often, for many of us, the term is ill defined and even in professional circles there are multiple definitions that are all somewhat accurate. I generally find that the most useful definition is simply “our self image.”  […]

Traits are Neutral

One big issue that I often have with society is the tendency to treat personality traits as if they are good and bad.  I think it’s very important for our own mental health and well being as well as for our relationships and our ability to treat others with compassion and respect that we all […]

Going Beyond Fear

Let’s consider the common belief, “Spiders are scary.”  For some people, that is the reality they experience.  They see a spider and the feel fear.  But, it seems to me, that the fear is not really held in the spider.  There are plenty of people who see a spider and feel no fear.  There are […]

Why keep believing in worthiness?

Judgmentalism by its nature separates, deeming some as worthy and others as unworthy. Love unites and sees no separation, no distinction, no specialness, no worthiness or unworthiness.  Love sees the Light in ourselves and in others. Love knows no bounds, no conditions and no limits. Judgment seeks to limit love. How much has judgment crept […]